Saturday, December 29, 2001

13th Street is a site with a horror bent...some really twisted shockwave games here among other things. -- Games
I'm not sure exactly what this is, whether it's a game or just an interesting little artwork, but it's really sharp.
Zanpo, a stylish, ambitious "community based" online...something. Cool. .
A shockwave 3d game. Kalisto Entertainment : Walkiries Plug In
A freaky, spooky site with really pretty graphics. My Pet Skeleton
Wow...this is really nice, I'm shocked. Something really different, looks-wise. These guys kick ass. Ego Media
The author's of "Flash 5! Creative Web Animation" put together this informative and really hard-core site with killer flash animations as well as tutorials and other odds and ends. Crazy Raven Productions
small blue printer : design your own house plan
Strange flash art animations. flying puppet menu
A really nice flash cartoon series, Ninjai: The Little Ninja. Cool :) Ninjai: The Little Ninja
Still another nice design site, Dennis Interactive.
Another really nice design site. Super tight. innerblitz
Interactive brain teasers done in flash. t a l l h a t - puzzles
Record karaoke songs in your browser, send to friends, lose friends, most likely. Neat idea though. kar ui
A Hot or Not-type site for creators of animations, games, etc. Entertainmail
Guiness Book of World Record's site...I have have posted this before but oh well. Guinness World Records
This is a neat little twist on chat...too bad there were no chatters online when i looked at it and the streaming audio was hard for me to appreciate with my slow connection, still, it's pretty cool, something different. Think chat rave. CHATMASTER 3000
A ridiculously well done design site Meat and Potatoes, Inc.
Lenny Kravitz has a nice site. This is stylin'. Macromedia - Showcase : Site of the day archive
Quantum computing hits its prime
All about Internet 2 Internet2: Internet2 Website
iday: Internet Timeline
Phish has a really nice website. the official
Real Pool..this isn't nearly as cool as my Virtual Pool 3, but if you don't have a Virtual Pool 3 I guess it'd be pretty darn cool. - Real Pool (3D)
Can't believe I've never blogged this one, but here goes, Gagpipe, satire headlines from around the globe. Gagpipe BETA: Headline satire from around the world.
Speaking of the Webby Awards, here's another free blog site, one of the nominees, Live Journal, looks cool, if I didn't have enough on my hands just trying to keep this one updated I'd give it a try, I may anyways. Live Journal
The 2001 Webby Awards have been announced, due to an apparent oversight, I didn't win one, go figure... The Webby Awards: 2001 Nominees

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

The definitive "Happy Drinking Bird" page. Steve's Happy Drinking Bird Reference Facility
Kurt Grigg, a DHTML pusher...some cool little scripts. Kurt's Free Original DHTML - JavaScript
Bunker Guy retreats from his hideout when the need for beer overtakes his dread of holiday commercialism. Man Exits Bunker When Beer Thirst Overtakes Xmas Dread

Monday, December 24, 2001

I imagine this was a lot funnier pre-Sept.11th, but it's still kind of a kick. NUKE the HAMPTONS
Here's a nice little coloring book site for the kiddies (or bored adults) - Online Coloring Books
Weird and unusual trivia tidbits, along the lines of "a hummingbird weighs less than a dime." Strange But True! #1 for strange facts
Speaking of chicken, which seems to be my obsession this Christmas morning, although it's really more out of sheer boredom and a search for "fried chicken" than any insane fondness for's an internet hoax I must admit that I was out of the loop on. KFC no longer uses real birds, but genetically engineered "organisms" to produce it's tasty chicken. KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken Hoax
Okay...that Kremlin Fried Chicken was a joke, but this is nearly as bizarre...KFC Indonesia's site. KFC INDONESIA
Kremlin Fried Chicken Kremlin Fried Chicken

Sunday, December 23, 2001 can always depend on the Japanese online newspaper, the Mainichi, for bizarre tidbits...a professor at the Takushoku University apparently stabbed a student with a samurai sword during a drunken get together in his office. Mainichi Interactive - Top News
Alberta's eclectic station, CKUA...a nod to my "sole reader" lol. Untitled Document
Wow...a real-life Scrooge: LONDON (Reuters) - A British man is heading underground behind blast proof doors and 10-foot-thick concrete in a bid to escape the stresses of a family Christmas.

Man Hires Bunker to Escape Christmas
Some really groovy holiday themed fonts and dingbats Christmas Fonts  & Dingbats (TTF - Windows ONLY)