Friday, November 23, 2001

Well, it's late, I was going to post a lot of other stuff but I think I'm going to save it for tomorrow night. I'm gonna do some more revamping of the blog (note: if anyone's been watching, I changed the template today and tomorrow I think I'm going to start adding a few pictures here and there to spruce it up a little, where necessary.

As for posts, before I go to bed I'd like to once again sing the praises of Yesterdayland, where else can you see Quicktime clips of Quentin Tarantino extolling the virtues of Evil Knievel toys and Bill and Ted's Excellent Cereal? -Link-

Tomorrow I'm going to try and post a decent profile at Yesterdayland, if I can find an old picture of myself when I was seven or so, in keeping with the majority of the member profiles. It's a great little haven if you want to get away from reality awhile and relive old memories. I have a few questions about the "Honeycomb Kids" I'd like to ask, like, for example, were those kids on dope or what? Anyone out there remember "The Honeycomb Hideout"? There was no mention of it on Yesterdayland that I could find. It just so happens I was eating some awhile ago, for the first time in years. The verdict? A lousy cereal, really, though for some reason I thought it was good back then.
Alright, this is a really nicely done site, flash games with a lotta style, and (gasp!) fun, even - I hate these guys for being so sure you try out "The Amazing Daredozen"at Orisinal. -Link-

Thursday, November 22, 2001

I was going to go to bed, but this story's just too bizarre, had to post it: Man killed by duck. -Link-
Wow, I almost went and laid down without updating the blog tonight. Not that I have anything major to add to it. Ate some turkey today. Probably will tomorrow too. If you're just totally bored, check out Pop History Now! here: -Link-

Today's news:

F. Lee Bailey, DISBARRED! -Link-

Guy makes a (nice) working violin out of 14,000 matchsticks, wow. -Link-

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Well, first we had the presidential election dramas, now it appears the SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) is up in arms over their's too, Melissa (Half-pint) Gilbert remains unfazed. Gilbert beat Valerie (Rhoda) Harper by 1,588 votes, now though, amid charges of corruption, her status as head Hollywood Cheese may be in question. -Link-
Well, I'm seriously thinking about lying down and getting some sleep. My friend needs a ride to get his check in the morning and oddly, I'm kinda sleepy anyways. God knows why, I slept all day. Oh well...I guess I can still post a couple funny things on here just to keep up my little streak, I've yet to miss a day and I hate to start now.

Mick Jagger's album sold only 9 hundred something copies on it's release date. As my friend Bill put it, he and I could release and album and sell that many copies, worldwide, likely. Too bad. It's not that bad an album, it's certainly a hella lot cooler than some other big-selling artists I could name (J-Lo) -Link-

Here's a good one:

Coat Hanger in Throat Gets Man in Trouble
WICHITA, Kan. (Reuters) - A Kansas man who got a coat hanger stuck in his throat while trying to dislodge a balloon of cocaine he had swallowed faced possible criminal charges after doctors trying to remove the hanger discovered the drugs, police said Tuesday. -Link-

Monday, November 19, 2001

Who is Ken Blackburn? He's a Guiness record-holding paper airplane flyer, his site includes tips and patterns you can print out and fold to make your own versions of his record-breaking designs. -Link-

Speaking of silly little toys, here's a site that shows how to make tiny matchstick powered rockets: -Link-

Neither of these do it for you? For the discerning hobbyist, how 'bout your own still instead? Details (not that I'm condoning any of this) at "Thicko's Guide to Distilling Alcohol". -Link-
Say it ain't so, Mick...Mick Jagger says he's quit drinking, drugging and partying. I've heard a couple songs off his new album though and they're pretty good. So maybe it's working? -Link-
A twenty year old man was found decapitated near the railroad tracks here in Albertville, Al. today. It's thought to be a suicide, his friends said he'd been somewhat depressed since his mother died a few years back.
This site cracks me up. Ninja Burger. Check out the application for employment. -Link-
Why in the hell is it that only 10% of all carry-on baggage (according to a report on ABC news I just overheard on the tube) is examined in airports as we speak? What the hell? After everything we've been through? Congress is apparently pushing forward with a move that'll change that (within two months) but I find it really outrageous to hear, I would have thought that they were shining flashlights up people's asses at this point after the nightmare that befell our country on Sept. 11. Like everyone else, I always felt pretty secure, maybe (make that definitely) I watch too much television, but I always slept well at night thinking that our nation was protected around the clock by govt. super-spies with James Bond tech we couldn't even imagine, keeping vigil over our borders and watching all the world's terrorist-types with satellite cameras so powerful they could count the flakes of dandruff on Yassar Arafat's head. I must say, I'm dissapointed that the current situation wasn't immediately resolved with the deployment of genetically advanced, Pretender style agents with ballpoint pen lasers and kung fu skills, but the fact that they're not even checking 90% of the carry-on luggage in our airports, after the fact, truly, truly bothers me. I hope we're not asleep at the wheel again. 60 Minutes this Saturday carried a story on how incredibly easy it was for a middle-easterner (or anyone else, for that matter) to slip across our southern border through the existing border-jumping networks and things like that make me wonder. Again, they promise to beef up the border patrols, but how long is it going to take and has the damage already been done? I think I have a Michelob in the fridge, I believe I'll drink it now.
Here's something funny from The Smoking Gun...the gun guys pilfered some of Mariah's fan mail that was left for the trash man and have posted some of the funny and twisted fanmail that resided in her garbage...maybe she should have kept some of it, after Glitter and the various psychotic episodes she's had lately it can't be long before she's hustling for a spot on To Tell the Truth or Hollywood Squares. -Link-

The Smoking Gun also has a list of utterly Diva-ish demands Jennifer Lopez expects met before she'll perform in concert. Speaking of concerts, isn't it weird to anyone that Jennifer Lopez a world famous singer and yet her upcoming televised concert is apparently her FIRST ever? -Link-
I know it's going to start to sound like I'm obsessed with Pong, but I got to thinking and I should have posted this link to a neat 3-d version of the game done in flash. It's fast loading and pretty entertaining, a good little time-killer. -Link-

While I'm at it, here are some novel little freeware games from Tiny Windows Games, including the world's smallest version of Space Invaders (It's so diminutive it plays in your system tray), Tiny Asteroids, Tiny River Raid, Chess, etc. -Link-

On this day, in 1863, President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address as he dedicated a national cemetery at the site of the Civil War battlefield in Pennsylvania.

In the 1920's, Harold Lloyd was an extremely popular silent film comedian...the stunts this guy performed in his movies would make Jackie Chan think twice...lots of Quicktime clips here: -Link-
Quicktime clips of some preliminary modeling of Bruce Lee, who's started a whole new post-mortem career as a cgi actor...via Ain't It Cool News -Link-
Speaking of classic games, here's a really bizarre flash cartoon concerning pong. -Link-
I'm an emulator nut and while I'm thinking of it, this is probably the coolest emulation site I've come across, classic gaming-nerd heaven: -Link-
Bleem! is dead. The software, which allowed pc users to play playstation discs on their computers, has sure as hell looks that way, at least, judging by their site: -Link-
Douglas Adams' sixth installment in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series will be published next year. A Salmon of a Doubt, edited from files on Adams' computer, will go on sale in May, the first anniversary of his death. Bill's gonna be happy to hear about this one. I just hope it's something he would have wanted done, the man was notorious for being his own worst critic and it's easy to imagine his rolling over and over in his grave upon hearing this stuff. -Link-
Wolfgang Puck, Spago owner and famous restarauteur, paid $19,000 dollars for a 1.82 pound truffle at an auction...hmmm...perhaps the South American kingpins should get out of selling cocaine and go into truffle sales. -Link-

Sunday, November 18, 2001

Well, I saw the Leonid shower last night and while I certainly saw more shooting stars than I'd be apt to see in ten years of normal viewing it was a little foggy. I did see some really nice, big earthgrazers though, around 12:00-1:00 that were mighty impressive.

Today I've been obsessing over the "Dotcomics" at, marvel comics' official site. The Incredible Hulk story was really good, nice artwork. -Link-