Friday, October 11, 2002

New at Orisinal

Orisinal has some new games, I particularly like this one, called Bauns. It's sort of like Collapse, kind of hard to explain, though. You clear off little tiles by pulling back and firing a sort of slingshot and sending a marble out onto the playing field. Keep hitting and the timer resets, miss a few and more tiles are dropped. A very cool game, maybe my favorite of theirs so far.
Matchstick Mayhem

Six matchstick puzzles - move the matches to solve them.

Silly Scientists

A Silly Putty physics experiment filmed in Quicktime. Two guys drop a massive ball of the stuff off a building for the sake of science.

The Paper Airplane Flight Simulator

Since I've posted so many paper airplane sites (odd, since I haven't thrown a paper plane since I was in high school) it seems only fitting that I include this paper airplane flight sim. Just set your angle, thrust and elevator and you're ready to simulate a world-record paper airplane throw, which is rated by feet, maximum altitude, time aloft and revolutions.

I Will Not Obsess Over The Simpsons

Someone's made an applet that writes out everything Bart Simpson ever had to write on the chalkboard in The Simpsons' opening sequence.
Now That's a Die-Hard Gamer

Man dies after playing videogames for 86 hours straight.

Fairy Tales for the Erudite

"The more efficacious to gourmondize your sapid corporeal substantiality, my gobbet," he vociferated, and with an expeditious gambado the maleficent dastard manducated the woebegone tellurian. Surfeited, the scelerate picaro summarily dossed.

Would You Like a Pie With Thaaaat?

I don't know if it's just late or what, but this had me dying of laughter.

The Peachoid

A water tower that looks like a giant peach.
Billy Idol Fridge

Buy an ugly refrigerator Billy Idol's scrawled on from Ebay. Proceeds go to charity.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

New Xiao Xiao

Yet another in the long line of stick-figure kung-fu Flashes.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

For the Welder Who Has Everything

If you happen to have a welder friend or family member you'll be shopping for this holiday season, look no further - Hoodlum Welding Gear has a line of eye-catching welding helmets that will make him or her the talk of the metal shop.

Ratchet and Clank

A fun, Tetris-like Flash game in which you move and stack cogs of various colors to make combinations and free up space.

Still More Obsessive Lego Fiends

I've seen some pretty crazy Lego stuff on the web. Mind you, it's not really my bag - even as a kid, I don't think I ever had anything beyond your most basic Lego set, something you could maybe make a really crummy little house with or something along those lines. I find it endlessly fascinating, though, that there are people out there devoting so much time and energy into making ultra-complex structures from the interlocking plastic toys. These latest examples I saw on Boingboing are truly out there.

First off, we have someone making a reproduction of a work by the artist M.C. Escher, famous for incorporating optical illusion into his work - in this case, Ascending, Descending.

For sheer, hardcore Lego craziness, though, the prize has to go to this guy, who's Lego Harpsichord (above) took two years of planning and assembling. But for the steel strings needed to produce notes (oh yeah, it works - though it's less-than-listenable sound won't make it the choice of any concert players anytime soon) it's made entirely of Lego stuff.

Snoop Dogg Just Says No

Snoop Doggy Dogg has announced that he's no longer smoking marijuana. In a related story, pigs take flight.
Quick, Go to Google News!

Because they'll likely start charging for their recently-unveiled news search service soon, according to this article.

Stupid is as Stupid Does is your one-stop shopping center for inane and ridiculous gifts, gags food and apparel. Whether you're looking for the world's smallest radio-controlled car (above) or a handbag shaped like a Chinese carry-out box, a Sigmund Freud action figure or just some turn-signals for your ears - if it's truly stupid, you'll probably find it here. Personally, I'd really love one of these fog-ring-blowing ray guns.

We'll Be Right Back After These Important Messages From Our Sponsor...

Tv Commercials Now has all kinds of classic commercials to watch. Andy Griffith hawking Post Toasties, The Three Stooges showing their own Simonizing technique and many more, old and new - in both high and low-bandwidth Quicktime movies.

Our Dumb Century

A fair-sized selection of sample pages from The Onion's book, Our Dumb Century, at Amazon. If you haven't read it, pick it up sometime - it's one of the funniest books you'll ever purchase.

I can't believe I've never come across this site before, there are some flat-out amazing examples of digital artwork on here. Artists painting in Photoshop, Painter, etc. - some really, really nice illustration. Be sure and browse the Top 50, while you're there. It's just unbelievable what some of these folks can do with just the brush tools in Photoshop. Sheesh.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Double Vision

Celebrity Doubles offers up their roster of celeb look-alikes for hire - most are kind of "eh.", but a few, like the Alan Alda guy above are kinda creepy in their similiarity to their famous twins. Some, I found kind of puzzling - for instance, under what circumstances would you ever need to hire a Christine Baranski look-alike?

I see a bunch of confused partygoers pointing and asking "Who's that?" and the host having to explain to them that she was the oft-drunken best friend of Cybil Sheppard on the now-defunct television series Cybil.

Painting for Posteriority

Rikki Rocket, Poison's drummer, enjoys painting hotel room toilet seats while on tour with the metal band. Rikki explains:

It's 2002 and the days of useless acts of hotel destruction are over. It's been done, it's financially wasteful and nobody cares anymore. Besides, I like hotels. I have lived in them a good chunk of my adult life. Truth is, some are better than others.

Rocket keeps a gallery of his artistic triumphs on his site - which is peppered with quotes by artists like Pablo Picasso, as well as his contemporaries, like Aerosmith. I don't suppose anyone would have guessed that at least one toilet seat masterpiece has a scary bat on it, would they?

Sunday, October 06, 2002

I'll Trade You Two Hilberts for a Euclid

Ah, what nerd's toy chest would be complete without a set of mathemetician trading cards? Kind of math-phobic myself, but my friend Bill's gonna get a charge out of this, I think.
Puzzle Playground

Bunches and bunches of puzzles you can play and print out.

Well, I'm looking at my blog tonight and I'm noticing how downhill it's gone. I have to fix my template, as the Yaccs comments code needs updating, I somehow lost my Blog Hot or Not link (thankfully, probably, as I'm sure it's slipped too) and there've been a woeful lack of posts.

What can I say? Got a little lazy with my blogging,'ll be getting chilly soon, though and more than likely I'll be spending way more time here at home on my computer. I sure do dread fixing this template, though. The code for my page, what with all the little comments things and this and that, has grown a mile long and it's hell just picking out a particular javascript so I can fix it at this point, so I've been putting it off as long as possible, but I'll fix it all at the first opportunity. In fact, I recently installed some graphics programs so I may just knock out a whole new template - you never can tell.

Also, not surprisingly, I haven't been getting many now, in a pathetic attempt to recieve more traffic, I'm posting Google Zeitgeist's top ten gaining search requests:

Top 10 Gaining Queries

Week Ending Sept. 30, 2002
1. ryder cup
2. oxana fedorova
3. kristy swanson
4. enron auction
5. mandrake
6. berlin marathon
7. ivory coast
8. jennifer love hewitt
9. isidore
10. christopher hitchens

Who/what the heck is isidore? Well, I'd better go find something to post, post-haste, before everyone abandons this sinking ship.

Who's more popular, net-wise - The Jeffersons or The Partidges, God or Satan, Jordan or Bird? Googlefight will let you type in two keywords, then show you who gets the most results on the popular search engine.

Speaking of Google and fights, they're under fire themselves of late, as chinks are beginning to show up in their much-lauded Pagerank system and bogus sites - spam, 404 pages, etc. - are beginning to make appearances near the top of search results.

Candy Train

Another new game from Popcap - click the tiles to keep the train from going off track.

And the Weiner is...

Weiner dog races - which weiner will win?


A fun new word game from Popcap.