Thursday, August 01, 2002

Ways Spiderman Can Use His Powers Later In Life...

Yet Another Bizarre Japanese Flash Movie

Wow...what are they smoking over there in Japan, huh? (via the Everlasting Blort)

Fun Pet or Horrible Monster?

Both, apparently. Here's some info on the recently vilified Snakehead fish that's been making news lately. Found in a Maryland pond a couple months ago, the asian fish - which eats everything in a pond, then walks on land to the next one - it's spread to several states now and is easily the most hated species of fish in the U.S. It's only defense is that it's supposedly a mighty tasty meal. Mmmm...snakehead.
I Wonder How It Sits?

The mousepad couch.

Attack of the Souped-Up Ataris

In a truly inspiring fit of nerdy-inventiveness, the folks at Retrosystem have taken the case-modification craze and jacked it up to the next level.

For a fee, their geek-chic production team will outfit an old Atari, NES or Amiga computer with miniature, up-to-date components like good-sized hard drives, speedy ram and even dvd drives to make for a system as powerful as many recent desktops. Linux and Windows operating systems are included and yes - you can still play that crummy irritating version of Pac-Man on it.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Any Dad Can Build a Tree House

But how many would build their kids a giant Mechwarrior in their backyard? This thing's been posted everywhere but what the hell, let's jump on the bandwagon. It is pretty the kids' popularity shot through the roof after dad got done putting this puppy together.

The Evil of Pippi Longstocking

In a classic example of "who on earth would go to this much trouble for a joke", someone's made a webpage that explains - in exacting detail - the hundreds of reasons pointing to movie moppet Pippi Longstocking being the Antichrist.

Sunday, July 28, 2002


Sorry for the recent lack of updates, I'll try and get some stuff on here tomorrow...till then, here's a funny flash film featuring Marvel Comics characters in a spoof of "Clerks".