Saturday, March 23, 2002

Funny Rant on Regarding Govt. Data Snooping

Keeping your data from the
Need to Perform An Emergency Tracheotomy? Treat a Gunshot Wound? Never Fear...

Welcome to

My Pet Skeleton

I think I may have posted this before. I could do a search of my archives in the Blogger editor but instead of hassling with that I'm just gonna post it anyways, it's way cool and worth repeating.

A nicely done site with a wonderfully creepy atmosphere, showcasing the strange, intricate "Tim Burton-on-peyote" weirdness of artist Vincent Marcone. The flash version of his site takes a bit of patience, but it's worth the wait.

My Pet Skeleton

Star Wars Designer Edition

It is a period of stylistic banality. The rebellion is looking dowdy and the evil Galactic Empire has grown too fond of industrial finishes. Dull grey is the "in" color.

JustinSpace - Star Wars Designer Edition

Louisville Slugger Museum

Friday, March 22, 2002

Sims Survivor

A "survival of the fittest" game is played out with the popular game "The Sims". Eight Sims are put together in a house with no human influence on their behavior - whichever Sim is left standing at the end wins, with pictures and reports on the game's progress posted as it plays out from day to day.

Sims Survivor Bobopolis
What's New, Pussy Cat?

A cool little memory of various cats are flashed on the screen for you to look at, then you select the cat which hasn't already been shown.

B3TA : what's new pussy cat
The Alphabit Synthesis Machine

The Alphabit Synthesis Machine is "an aid to explorers of the liminal territory between familiarity and chaos. An interactive Java applet, the Machine invites you to evolve the letterforms of a personalized "alien alphabet": the possible writing system of your own imaginary civilization."from the folks at PBS. After fiddling with your new alphabet's evolution, you can download it as a Truetype font.

PBS - The Alphabet Synthesis Machine (Introduction)
Just a Neat, Goofy Little Flash Thing

A rabbit you can make move by grabbing and dragging him with your cursor.

Pong Taken to the Level of Extreme Sport

Some nutty duo in Germany have created a stand-up two-player "pong" game. Misses result in burns, shock and punches to the hand for varying durations. Not mild little shocks and things, either, we're talking burns and stuff.

We Have a New Playing Card Throwing Record...All Hail the King!

Okay, so it's a silly record, but it's kind of cool, dude threw a playing card 216 feet, 4 inches.

Trumping the Guinness record with a mighty fling of the card

Thursday, March 21, 2002

Pam Anderson Reveals She Has Hepatitis - Blames Tommy Lee

Pamela Anderson shocked the world Wednesday with the revelation that she'd contracted Hepatitis C, a potentially lethal disease that can cause liver damage. Anderson blames ex-hubby, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, for infecting her during their marriage when the two shared a tattoo needle (in what was probably some ill-fated stab at romanticism on the part of the two mentally-challenged celebs).

The damage has already been done, unfortunately. Nevertheless, I'd like to do my part to make sure this kind of tragedy never happens again. In that spirit, I'm posting a list of things for young wives to consider prior to taking that long-dreamt-of trip down the aisle of matrimony with their signifigant other:

1. Don't marry Tommy Lee - This one seems obvious at first, but it seems to be a common mistake in Hollywood amongst nubile blonde starlets. Heather Locklear made this tragic error, as did Pam. Regrettably, there's probably some young blonde model/aspiring actress out there who, as I write this, is considering betrothal to the shotgun-waving, hard-living metal drummer. I can only hope that she's reading this article and will reflect on it at length.

2. Don't share needles, be they tattoo needles or otherwise - most especially with Tommy Lee - Surely this simple tenet is one even the most fluff-brained actress among us can grasp. It's bad enough Pamela elected to share bodily fluids with a card-carrying member of "The Crue", but apparently this game of russian roulette wasn't high-stakes enough for her, better to directly expose herself to the 190 proof witches brew of drugs, alcohol and, presumably, myriad S.T.D.s that course through the veins of the hair metal hero's body.

3. If Tommy Lee asks you, no matter how nicely...don't get your boobs done for him - You'll just wind up regretting it later and have them taken out, resulting in not one, but two invasive surgeries. Of course, while it's a dead-lock sure bet that Tommy's responsible for Pam's condition, there's always the off-chance that this was a factor.

4. Stay the hell away from Tommy Lee - Listen, it's just not a good idea. Marrying Tommy or any other member of Motley Crue can only lead to trouble. I wouldn't recommend taking your kid to any birthday parties at his house, either.

5. Divorce Tommy Lee and STAY divorced - You're young, you're a hollywood starlet, you don't need the kind of headaches that are involved in being Tommy's spouse. When apologetic Tommy send that reconcilatory ten dozen roses, send them back - you'll just be fending him off again in a liquor-soaked, shotgun-wielding domestic scene that will make all the tabloids a couple months down the road. If you must marry a celebrity bad-boy, find yourself a Charlie Sheen, like Denise Richards did. At least Charlie uses "pros", so there's at least a sliver of hope that there'll be some protection involved when he inevitably strays.

6. Don't listen when Tommy tries to sweet-talk you into making a "home movie" - This one may not save your life, but it may save you a little embarassment.

7. Once you've finally succeeded in getting Tommy Lee out of your life, whatever, i repeat - whatever you do, don't go to Kid Rock as your "rebound guy" - Sigh...

Yahoo! News - Pamela's Hepatitis Bombshell
Hilarious Hamlet Essay Circulated In Teachers' Lounge
Preposterous? Cast Your Vote.

Unreliable Facts from The Brains Trust
Do It Yourself

The Haunted Ebay Painting


The Haunted Ebay Painting

Fun With Arachnids

This is a really nicely done game. In Spider, you're...well...a spider. Your objective? Eating bugs, of course. I love it when he gets electrocuted by the lightning bugs...really cool flash work here, good game.

Titoonic ApS > Games > Spider
Description of a 100 Megabyte Hard Drive on Sale on Ebay

Must sell - too many bad memories, apparently. Here's what the seller posted regarding the drive:

This auction is for a New 100 GIG Hard Drive still in unopened, shrink-wrapped box by Western Digital Here are some of the specs from their website: (Where it is selling for $249) WD Caviar (High-Performance) 7200 Hard Drives are the performance champions for advanced desktop personal computers. Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM Interface: Ultra ATA/100 Average Read Seek Time: 8.9 ms Buffer Size: 2 MB Data Lifeguard: WD's exclusive hardware, software and services designed to protect your data Money Orders accepted, PayPal preferred! Insured Shipping is 11 bucks! I originally bought this drive for my wife as a Christmas gift. Yesterday I found out why she needs so much drive space. She has been sending pornographic videos of herself to deviants over the web.... So I no longer need this drive or my wife! Good Luck bidding! GU2K

Do the Mario

This is really goofy but hey, it involves Mario so I'm gonna post it. A little song and flash movie about the plumber.

Do the Mario!

Get Your Groove On With Milko!

I know I say this all the time but this is one of the funniest things I've seen lately. Using video clips, sound effects and vocals (which mainly consist of variations on "moo!"), Milko will perform in your specially mixed disco, heavy metal or rap production. Play around with him and send the results of your video shoot to your pals. I especially loved the metal version, they're all pretty cool, though. Must see bovine tv :)

Milko the Cow

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

S-11 Redux

A techno-driven remix of post Sept.11th newsbytes and other media. Quicktime movie, long download for dial-up, but an intriguing video - worth seeing.

Guerrilla News Network: S-11 Redux
Woman Makes Lorena Bobbit Look Kind and Forgiving

Yahoo! News - Woman Bites Off Husband's Genitals

Mystery Fish Washes Up On Beach

Paranormal News
Honor Student Expelled Over Bread Knife Found in Truck

Did I ever mention how stupid and reactionary school officials have become? Oh yeah...I did, in a post I put up about ten minutes ago...

District responds in controversial bread knife expulsion
You'll be Happy to Know We Didn't All Die in a Near-Collision With an Asteroid March 8th. So Were Scientists When They Detected It...Four Days Later. - Whew! Stealth asteroid nearly blindsides Earth - March 19, 2002

The WTC Tribute in Lights Site

Tribute in Light
Political Correctness Sucks...Won't Someone Please Think of the Children?

This is yet another classic example of how insane things are getting in our society in regards to reactionary knee-jerk reactions to the problem of violence - a school puts a ban on the game of "cops and robbers".

I played cops and robbers, a lot of people did. Nice, upstanding people who never went on to murder anyone or go on serial-murdering sprees. It's true that I'm no pschologist but I'm pretty sure that if your kid grows up and goes postal on someone or becomes a hardened felon, "cops and robbers" isn't going to be the cause.

More likely you're a bad parent, he's on crack, the kid's just a psycho or he went to a crummy school where the staff is worrying over idiotic things like this instead of raising test scores.

Contra Costa Times | 03/17/2002 | School bans playing cops and robbers
You, Too, Can Live a Life Free of Financial Worry, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

This is pretty good...a guy's taken spam e-mails, set them to ambient/techno music and narrated with a voice synthesizer to create "Spam Radio".

A lot of these have shown up in my inbox, nice to see someone found a use for them, no matter how odd.

Morpheus Continues Sucking in Every Way Possible

This time it seems they've had spyware, while all along they used their spyware free status to distinguish themselves from other file sharing programs. Supposedly no personal info was shared with companies, but it's just one more reason to say "Morpheus Bites".

Yahoo! News - Morpheus gives Web surfers a detour
The Straight Dope

Answers burning questions like "Are turkeys so stupid they will look up at the sky when it rains and drown?" and "Which freezes faster, hot water or cold water?" (cold, btw).

The Straight Dope Archive: Gateway
I'm Don't Really Want to KnowDietWatch StandAlone Calculator
Eric Conveys An Emotion

Experience the thrill and excitement of suggesting an emotion for some guy named "Eric" to convey and (gasp!) be amazed when he takes a picture of himself with said emotion (gassy, zestfully clean, etc.) on his face.

Eric Conveys an Emotion
So Ya Wanna....

A self-help resource full of information on how to do a lot of unusual (and not so unusual) things...whether it's how to avoid getting a traffic ticket or learning how exactly one goes about joining the circus, pretending to be a wine expert or getting a job as a human guinea pig. If none of these possibilities appeal to you or if you just want to train your dog or learn the basics of soccer...this site is for you.
Why Do We Call It the "Seventh-Inning Stretch"?

Could Annie Oakley have prevented World War One by being not being such a wonderful shot? What did a murdering asylum inmate have to do with the original Oxford English Dictionary?

The answers to these and other questions can be found at Time Lab 2000, via The History Channel.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Watch full-length concert videos of many big-name artists at

Pictures, wallpaper, news and discoveries from the Hubble Telescope at The Hubble Site.
Sports Can Be (Very) Hazardous To Your Health

I was talking to my friend Sarah today (a.k.a. Hockeygirl) and she informed me that a thirteen-year-old girl had been killed by an errant puck at a Blue Jacket's game in Ohio, in what is apparently the first-ever such incident to occur as a result of NHL gameplay.

That's about as unlucky a thing as could happen to someone and it got us wondering whether there had been any similiar occurences in pro baseball. According to the article, it had - five times in major league history.

Monday, March 18, 2002
Poodle Summoned for Jury Duty
I Want One

Soundbug is a new gadget that turns any hard, flat surface into a speaker you can plug a walkman or the like into.

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Bug sets windows shaking
The Miami Herald | 03/18/2002 | Man dies in fight over can of beer in Fort Myers

Modern Humorist - The Jim Morrison Simulatron -- The best buzz in town!
The Evil Gerald Online - Bono Monopoly on World Pain Smashed
Yoga Club Freaks Out Neighbors

"What really bothers them is the group breathing," which some people find frightening, one employee said.

Yahoo! News - Yoga Club Too Noisy, Neighbors Say
The Glass Engine

The folks at IBM put together this showcase of composer Phillip Glass's work, which allows you to navigate sixty of his works in an unusual interface.

The IBM glass engine

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Captain Ribman!
A Really Freaky Illusion
Japanese Food Weirdness
The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Throw In a Mini-Fridge and I Think I'd Be Set for Life :)

Shades of the Taliban - Saudi Religious Police Let 15 Girls Die

Fifteen schoolgirls trapped in a fire were prevented from escaping by whacko Saudi-Arabian religious police - the reason? They weren't wearing the headscarves and robes required by the Saudi's strict interepetation of Islamic law.

BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Saudi police 'stopped' fire rescue
Business 2.0 - Magazine Article - Printable Version - The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business
Snakes Catching On As Pets In Ireland...St. Patrick Rolls Over In Grave...

How to build a Stable Plasmoid at one atmosphere.

Green Beer Candle Project Instructions - Candle and Soap Making
I Wish I Had Some 3D Glasses Lying Around....

The Fly in 3D
May you be blessed with the strength of heaven,
The light of the sun and the radiance of the moon,
The splendor of fire, The speed of lightning,
The swiftness of wind, The depth of the sea,
The stability of the earth, and the firmness of rock.

-From the Breastplate of St. Patrick
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Learn Irish Slang In Under 20 Seconds.