Saturday, March 30, 2002

Twister! Yikes! Glad I'm Alive!

A tornado ripped through my neighborhood last night, it didn't damage my place but got a lot of homes and buildings on either side of me.

My uncle's house - which is right up the road from me - was pretty much trashed...lot of other places around here too.

I got out and drove around a little and on the way to the store I saw a trailer that had it's top blown off and flung across the street. Trees were down all over the place.

My uncle's place was a wreck. Thankfully him and my aunt were okay, their place caught it pretty bad, though...big pieces of tin wrapped around trees, debri everywhere...limbs and boards, shingles and insulation blown all over the place...

The local news stations were out here and I saw a disaster relief truck. I also saw an ambulance while I was out as , but don't know if anyone was hurt or how bad.

It's doesn't look all that great outside now, really. Storms never really scared me that much but after seeing all that I have to admit I'm a little concerned.

Friday, March 29, 2002

Spam's Roots Traced to 1994 - Created by Two Immigration Lawyers

One more reason to hate lawyers, as if you needed another.

News: Spam creator tackles the meaty issue

Robot DJ

An email-controlled scratch-robot will analyze your message and convert it to sound by scratching a record and email it back to you later.
Ditching Disneyland in Favor of a Vacation in Myanmar? Visit This Site First.

Helpful hints for traveling abroad for the risk-takers out there who just can't stand not to see the beautiful scenery in some messed-up, war torn part of the world..for example:

There is a reason for the multitude of religious symbols, slogans and prayers painted on Third World buses. Once they cram their doors shut and the wobbly wheels start forward, your life is in the hands of a supreme being.

Robert Young Pelton’s Come Back Alive

Paul as Frodo? George as Gandalf? Is this for real???

Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson, says The Fab Four wanted to do their own version of the film back in the '60s but J.R.R Tolkien, author and owner of the movie rights (wisely) nixed their plans.

I'm a pretty big fan of The Beatles and I've never heard this bit of lore. I've been sitting here trying to wrap my brain around the concept and it's about to make my head explode.

They must have been really high when they cooked this one up...Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds high.

Yahoo! News - Beatles Wanted to Do Rings Film in 1960s

Thursday, March 28, 2002

What's With the Lack of Updates?

My apologies for the lack of updates these last couple days, my mom's in the hospital and I just haven't really had the time or been in the mood. Also I've been keeping trying to keep the phone line open as much as possible so I haven't been able to do a lot of surfing. Things will be back to normal very soon, meantime please stick around and browse my archives.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Poke Alex in the Eye: The Game
Gallery of ''Misused'' Quotation Marks

Just Not Cricket

Insane flash game where you kill homicidal badgers with your bat on a cricket field. Funny :)


Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Cuba Bans PC Sales to Public

Astound and Amaze Your Friends - Be Popular!

Well, that may not actually happen but there's a whole heap of card tricks you can learn to do here.

Easy Trick Index

I Really Don't Want to Know What Kind of Accessories Come With These Dolls...

Well, there's always got to be that person who's just so tacky and tasteless it makes you ashamed of mankind in general. This week's prime candidate is a fellow who's selling action figures modeled after serial killers like Jeffrey Dhamer (pictured above). The guy even comes right out and says he knows what he's doing is wrong but he's doing it anyway.

Who collects stuff like this and the serial-killer trading cards and other memorabilia - nice, well-adjusted people who are just fascinated by horrific killing sprees or serial-killer wannabes? At any rate, someone please go to this guy's place of business and beat the crap out of him for being such a freak, okay? : Serial Killer Action Figures For Sale

Calvin and Hobbes Flash Games

This and other Calvin and Hobbes-related stuff, looks to be a very thorough fan site.

Fun Stuff (Calvin and Hobbes Resurrection)
Scientists Whip Up New Form of Matter - Bose-Einstein Condensates. This Bud's for You, Guys!

Plastelina is something a little different in online flash games. The games are all logic puzzles, pretty good ones at that. Very cool little site, too bad all the games aren't free but there are enough free ones to keep you busy for awhile.


Speedy Gonzales - Banned!

Apparently world-class dope Ted Turner has decided that Speedy Gonzales, loveable cartoon mouse, is going to offend hispanics and has taken him out of his Cartoon Channel's lineup. He's a cartoon mouse, come on - and as the article explains, not such a bad role model, either. Why does everyone have to be so ultra-sensitive these days?

Hispanic & Entertainment
Star Wars in ASCII Animation

This has been a bigtime weblog meme for I dunno how long - before I got into blogging, I'm pretty certain. However, all the versions of it I'd ever seen required Telnet support to view.

This one is a java applet, however - meaning even us 'puter no-nothings can view it in all it's insane, "what-the-hell-possessed-this-person-to-do-this?" glory.

Thanks to my friend Sue for showing me this, I'd always wanted to see it and it's the nerdiest, most insane bit of geek madness I think I've ever come across. Some guy spent way too many hours on this.


Monday, March 25, 2002

Hackers Operating Outside of the U.S.A. Attempt Air Force Network Break-in.

"So Tell Me About Alderaan, Man..."

What do you get when you cross Quentin Tarantino with George Lucas? Pulp Phantom, a funny Flash cartoon series that crosses Pulp Fiction with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. (Warning: strong language)

Pulp Phantom

Maybe If He Had a Copy of Action Comics #1 This Would Be Justifiable...

A Reno man claims a comic book store has his previously stolen comics available for sale. What does he do? Barricades himself inside the store with a homemade incendiary device made of butane cannisters and 4,000 firecrackers and threatens to blow the place up in a standoff with the police, of course.

Reno man threatens to blow up comics store

The Cat Door of the Future

Tired of your cat bringing you "presents" like groundhogs, rats, etc.? Technology to the rescue - better living through image-recognition algorithms.

Flo Control
Yahoo! News - Hermit Warming to the Human Touch
PopCult Magazine - The Obsessive Journal of Quality Pop Culture