Thursday, December 12, 2002

Hef: Tthe Videogame

     Well, sounds like a good enough idea to me. In a planned videogame (likely to come with an M rating), players will be able to take on the persona of Hugh Hefner, Playboy magazine magnate and perennial partier, as they build up their own magazine empire and strive to live out "the ultimate Playboy lifestyle".
     No word yet on whether gamers will collect Viagra power-ups or magical smoking jacket armor upgrades, but I have to admit, shallow fellow that I am I gotta have this game 'cause the guy's my hero. What other seventy-year-old could get away with the stuff he does and not be pilloried by society?
I Thought This Had Already Happened

     Spam estimated to overtake real email in 2003. Speaking as someone who gets about 50 pieces of utter garbage in my inbox everyday I would have figured this was already the case, guess I'm just unlucky.

Monday, December 09, 2002

Quoth the Raven...

A really original 404 page.

Lights Aren't Just for the Tree Anymore

     If you really want to impress your holiday guests this year, how about some Litecubes? Litecubes are plastic recreations of ice cubes with cooling gel inside that lights up like a glowstick and illuminates your drink. They come in various colors and, Lord knows why, I thought they looked pretty cool, though.


A spiffy, full color version of the arcade classic, Asteroids.

A Little Holiday Cheer

     Here's a few obligatory seasonal posts. First off, I made a couple desktop designs in the spirit of the season, pictured above. If you'd like to use them, just click here for the one on the left and here for the one on the right. They're both 800x600 but I may put up other resolutions in a day or two, so if you're on a different resolution just mail me and I'll try and resize them for you if you can't do it yourself.
     In case you were wondering, NORAD is tracking Santa, so if you and the kids want to be posted on his whereabouts, click here. Who is St. Nicholas, anyway and are he and Santa the same? Discovering the truth about Santa Claus.
     Well, there are still seventeen days till Christmas, so maybe that'll hold you over for right now, I'll be sure to post some more yuletide stuff as the days go by.