Saturday, April 27, 2002

Hockey Fights

What's the best thing about hockey? Is it the grace, the athleticism? The lightning speed of the puck as it blasts it's way past the goalie's desperate clutches? The sound of the siren, the flashing lights as the scoreboard lights up and signals victory for your favorite team?'s the fights, of course - all documented, discussed and picked apart for your reading pleasure at Hockey Fights.

The Museum of Musical Instruments

Vast galleries and recordings of various musical instruments, including celeb-owned pieces like guitars that belonged to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and the Martin above, owned by Mark Twain - whom I didn't even realize was a singer and songwriter during the 19th century's romantic era. Cool...

Socio-political Smurfs

A page that asserts the notion that those cuddly blue cartoon characters, The Smurfs, are, in fact, thinly veiled communist propoganda and tells us that Papa Smurf was actually a representation of Carl Marx and that Brainy Smurf could only be Trotsky. Food for thought.

Warning: if you are eplieptic, if epilepsy even runs in your family, do NOT click this link. I repeat, do NOT click this link. You have been warned. An insane, useless psychedelic flash animation.

Yet another "ninja-themed" site, a pretty funny one, too. Hate your boss? Need protection? Whatever your security needs, "Phil", master of the lethal arts of the ninja assassin, will be glad to help you, for a price. Ask advice, hire him or just check out the news section, regarding his exploits and his many famous buddies, including girlfriend Britney Spears and drinking buddy Charlie Sheen.


A gallery of stupid, confusing error messages.
Fun With Lasers

Reflections is a shockwave game that challenges you to redirect a laser to it's target using laser beams, while avoiding things like bombs. It starts off easy and gets harder as you progress, with mazes and various mirror types.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Full Day Today

I may not be able to do any updates today, it's my friend Jeff's birthday and I have a lot of stuff to I'll just leave you with this point to ponder:

Nasa Says They're Within Arm's Reach of Calculating the Absolute Age of the Universe (link fixed, thanks Sarah!)

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

We're Number One!

Seems that my home state of Alabama is number one in something, at least - we have more plant and animal species than any other state...unfortunately, we're also the leaders in rate of extinction. It seems that our penchant for building dams and re-routing rivers and streams is having some pretty adverse effects on the wildlife.

Hey, I'm not worried, though - I know Bush and Co. will shortly come to the rescue with new reforms that...sigh...oh well, seeya on the other side, gopher tortoise - it was nice knowing you. News

The Flashlight Museum

This is one of those things I'd never given much thought to, the humble flashlight. It was kind of interesting to see all the neat-looking variations on this handy little product over the years, some of them were really freaky looking, like the one above. It's on GeoSh**ties, though, so my apologies if their bandwidth is exceeded when you go there (grrrr...).

Bad Fortune Cookie

Electric Chicken presents the Apple iToilet

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Two Legendary Internet Phenomena in one - All Your Tourist Guy are Belong to Us
When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Bill Gates

When you first check out Ajay Puri of India's website, it doesn't really impress you that much. His sense of design could use a little work (though perhaps the same could be said for yours truly) and it's a little...well...loud.

There's nothing terribly original or stylin' about it.

Of course, I think we can overlook a few flaws in this case...Bill Gates sure didn't have a problem with it, for one thing Ajay used a gratis copy of Frontpage 2000 to make it with (hey, no accounting for taste). For another, though, the kid's three years old. A friend of mine commented earlier that she doubted the kid made it himself, but I've heard child prodigy stories along these lines before and there are a lot of scans of newspaper articles about him on his site. I do suspect, though, that he may have padded his resume a bit - his "mastery" of Flash 5.0 for example - but let's not nitpick ;)
How Come There's No ¢ Symbol On Your Keyboard?

Typewriters had it, so how come it was left off the computer keyboards we use? The lowdown on the ¢'s extinction at The Demise of the $.01 Sign.

Van Gogh & Gauguin - An Interactive Flash Site Chronicling Their Friendship and Letters

The Digital Sundial

And's not a joke, just a nifty, useless geek toy. Works on nothing but sunlight there are models for both hemispheres. What will those wacky germans think of next?

Digital Sundials International
If a Dinosaur Roars in the Woods and There's No One There to Hear it Until 75 Million Years Later, Does it Make a Sound? Maybe...

Some scientists think they may have emulated the way a certain "duck-billed" dino could have sounded like.

Scientific American: Explorations: Dino-Roar: December 15, 1997