Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Frank's Vinyl Museum

Not sure if I've blogged this one before or not, but Frank's Vinyl Museum has some really goofball audio-nuggets...everything from Evel Knievel reciting poetry to Mae West singing Ticket to Ride. Straight out-of-left-field stuff that smells of a moldy, old box in the attic.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Drew on Fark

An article about the history of - mostly stuff you'll be familiar with if you've ever spent a lot of time on the site, but a decent write-up anyways. (Link, appropriately, via Fark)

Monday, September 30, 2002

Detective Mistakes Onion Story for Real News

A Coldwater, MI detective from the Branch County Sheriff's Dept., Detective Dan Nichols, mistook an Onion story about Al Qaeda terrorists running telemarketing scams and included the bogus information in a four-page press-release.

Explaining himself, Detective Nichols proclaimed, "We wanted people to be aware of telemarketing scams, and I used the information just in case there is a remote possibility," Nichols said. "We have no indication that Al-Qaida is involved, but we wanted people to know there are telemarketing scams."

Here's the actual Onion article the news report - which was also picked up by an area radio station - came from.
How Neat is This Applet?

I was just browsing around some javascript sites, looking for ideas awhile ago - in particular, I was looking for a tasteful, unobtrusive script that would make some tiny, blinking stars on my page, maybe just a few tiny fading pixels here and there, no gifs or crazy stuff - if anyone happens to know of one, let me know, okay? Anyway, while I was script-shopping I came across the above applet and it was so pretty I thought I'd share it - pretty cool, in a lava-lamp sort of way.

You can screw around with it using your right and left and middle click buttons and moving your cursor around on it and if you'd like to download it for whatever reason, you can, here at

Sunday, September 29, 2002

Checker-Shadow Illusion

A really freaky optical illusion.