Saturday, December 01, 2001

Well, the Quiet One is dead, and i don't even know what to say. The Beatles have always been my favorite band. It just sucks. It really, really sucks. Rest in peace, George, you'll live on in our hearts and minds forever. Ex-Beatle Harrison Dies at 58

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Warped Toys: Some of the more twisted and violent toys available for the tykes this season.2001 Top Ten Warped Toys
For the high-bandwidth types among you, a link to All Things Must Pass, the official site of Mr. Harrison's latest album. All Things Must Pass
Sadly, it appears that the reports of George Harrison's worsening condition are true. : George Harrison Reportedly Losing Cancer Battle

Monday, November 26, 2001

The story of how scientists came to accept the existence of meteors, from the Fortean Times - Cosmic Debris - FT 143
The dangers of making your own "electric pig stunner".Two Die in Pig Shock Horror
Well, there weren't really a lot of unusual news stories today and I'm about ready to call it quits, maybe someone will do something bizarre or incredibly stupid tomorrow and I can post it, but for now I'm just going to post this one last link, a site that features stupid/weird/bizarre things found on internet auction blocks. Nite.Who Would Buy That? (auction oddities from all over the web)
Red Meat has to be the most twisted, funny comic strip out there. RED MEAT . Meat Locker . the squirting squids of squalor
Here's a guy who's done several wallpapers with a soon as I can repost all the files that my ISP lost (grrrr...), I'll post a link to my own wallpaper site, Rock and Roll Fantasy Wallpaper, which features rock and roll bands. Guitar art
Everything you ever wanted to know about Penn and Teller, and then some, from their homepage: SinCity - The Web Home of Penn & Teller
Well, here we go, the beginning of the "Eugenic Wars" from Trek lore..."KHANNNN!!!!!!!" Embryo Cloning Claim Draws Criticism
A new "gravity map" of the earth shows that if you're in India, you're slightly less than 1% lighter than you would be anywhere else, as the gravitational pull is weaker there. -Link-

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Rocket man successfully launches his privately built rocket 5,000 miles into the air in Britain -Link-
Last year, Lathan Quincy McDonald Sr., 22, of Minneapolis, was sentenced to nearly eleven years in prison for severely burning his infant daughter with a hair dryer, causing permanent scars on her face and neck. A brilliant judge stayed his sentence, however, so he only did four months. Hey, it's not like he did anything that bad, he just permanently scarred his toddler in an unthinkable act of torture, right? Forgive and forget, sayeth the judge.
So what do you think happens? On Nov. 20th, he was arrested for beating his seven-month-old son to death. You know, it costs something like 50k a year to house and take care of prisoners, more money than your average joe on the street even makes in that amount of time and in some cases you have to wonder, or i do, at least, if people like this are worth the money and effort to keep alive. Why the hell bother, with the extra money we'd save keeping this waste of oxygen who "has a history of controlling his anger" (as they say in lawyer-speak) alive and well, we could defray a lot of the costs this war on terrorism is racking up. -Link-

Remember Billy Connolly? He's the Scottish comic who was famous for about ten minutes back in the early nineties for replacing Howard "Dr. Johnny Fever" Hessman as the teacher on television's "Head of the Class" sitcom. Turns out he's also kind of response to a radio personality's question of why he quit drinking, Billy recounts a night of groping dead bodies in a morgue. Uhh...Billy, I've been on a few benders myself, but good god, man, you're a freak. -Link-
Here's something to entertain the more hardcore news junkies among you, Cricklers, a crossword type quiz focusing on current events -Link-
Porn king and free-speech hard-liner Larry Flynt is suing the govt. for their refusal to allow "Hustler" reporters access to the war in Afghanistan -Link-
The Taliban's leftover "nuclear bomb plans" - viable nuclear how-to texts or part of an internet joke going back to 1979? Did the Taliban merely download bomb-making information that's validity is on par with the "WTC Tourist Guy" pics? -Link-
Some good news, for a mother's diabetic and who knows, I'm liable to develop it, so things like this are good to hear:

REHOVOT (November 23) - Scientists at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot have developed the first successful vaccine for Type I diabetes. -Link-
I'm all for freedom of speech, but this is ridiculous, will someone please put this sonofabitch in jail? I'm also against book-burnings, but in his case I'd gladly make an exception. Timothy W. Tobiason, a hardcore anti-govt. type, has been selling (by his estimate) 2,000 copies a year of his book "Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Volume 6-1: Advanced Biological Weapons Design and Manufacture," a do-it-yourself book on making homegrown bioterror weapons (including anthrax) at gun shows around the country.
Says Ken Alibek, a former top official in the Soviet germ-weapons program who is now president of Advanced Biosystems, a consulting company in Manassas, Va., "The guy who wrote this is very smart, very dangerous, we should not ignore this. It's not sophisticated, but this process is going to work." Although not a suspect in the recent spate of anthrax mailings, Tobiason's tome does include a section about mailed anthrax as a weapon. Next year, the unapologetic (and thoroughly unbalanced, apparently) Tobiason promises a new book, one that will describe how to make "huge scale" germ weapons. "It will have some planet killers in it," claims the author. "It will allow anyone to arm themselves with biological weapons in their basements." This article will scare you. -Link-
Well this is good...China's sending a man to the moon....should we tell 'em it's already been done? Nah. Anyways, that's kind of cool, should make for some good tv. :) -Link-, hacked! -Link-

On the hacking subject, some hacker-related articles, including a "hacker hall of fame" from TLC (The Learning Channel) -Link-

Oh...and if anyone does happen to go by the Yesterdayland site I've been plugging lately, look me up, I' guessed it: HoneycombKid :) -Link-
Well, let's see what kind of bloggage we have today...

Some idiot discharged a rifle by accident in an airport...way to go, McFly:

DALLAS (Reuters) - A passenger accidentally fired a hunting rifle at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on Friday but no one was hurt, an airport spokeswoman said.

The incident occurred as the passenger was complying with a request by airline employees to demonstrate the rifle was unloaded in accordance with regulations, spokeswoman Tina Sharp said.

``There was an accidental discharge but nobody was injured and airport operations were not affected,'' she said.

The shot damaged a window and momentarily caused panic among other passengers near the Delta Air Lines check-in counter. The passenger, whose name was not released, was not charged and was allowed to board his flight, Sharp said.

What the hell is it about the sport of soccer that causes people to go utterly insane and riot all the time? What gives? Of course, if I sat through an entire soccer game and it turned out to be a tie or i just saw one goal, I guess I'd be pretty pissed too. SOCCER IS NOT A SPORT! -Link-

Woman who survived the WTC disaster, only to be killed on the flight that went down in a NY neighborhood two months later -Link-

Some nutcase set himself on fire at a mall. -Link-

Handy little tool for webmasters, a browser emulator :) -Link-