Saturday, December 07, 2002

Did I Post This Already?

     After a year of blogging stuff like this, sometimes I ask myself that question, when posting things. What the heck, I will again, it's kinda cute. A Flash kitten that's really curious about your cursor.
The Life Waste-O-Rama Quiz

     I normally don't link to a lot of quizzes, but this one was pretty out there...this guy hates tv and his quiz makes some dramatic points. I love the theme music, it gives it this weird air of sincerity. It's a must-see.

This is Kind of Tasteless, However...

     It was also pretty funny :P Elmo's Got a Gun.


     Who could ever forget grocery items like Captain America bottled water? Huh? Oh well, this, and an assortment of other superhero-themed snack treats can be found here.
Wind Walkers

     Strange, esoteric sculptures that walk when a gust of wind comes through, modeled on computer by the artist before being built, these wooden legs and bodies will soon be walking on their own, he hopes, by saving the energy so they can walk regardless of windspeed.

Super Monitor, the Future of Procrastination

     If anyone has twenty grand laying around, please, feel free to send me one of these 180 monitors...the thing's huge and shaped to immerse you in your pc and hooks up easily to any computer.

Friday, December 06, 2002

The Halifax Explosion

     Approximately 9:04 on December 6th 1917, in Halifax, Candada, the Imo and the Mont Blanc, both carrying explosives for the war effort in Europe, brushed into one another and set off the second-largest man-made explosion history, with deference to the bombings in Japan.
The explosion and resulting tidal-wave caused the destruction of a fifth of the city and resulted in the loss of around 2,000 lives and nearly a thousand serious injuries, in one of the most tragic days in the country's history.

The Gumball Bandit and Other Tales of Idiocy

     I love the stupid crook stories and it seems there are always plenty in the news. It's funny, because not only is some criminal-type always out there getting caught doing something stupid, without fail it seems that someone always comes along to top the last one in terms of sheer foolishness.
     Here's a perfect example: Terry Hubbel and his driver, Jared Poindexter were arrested in a New Hanover when Hubble attempted to make off with a gumball machine, in a courthouse swarming with police officers, who were in full attendance, due to the swearing-in of their Sherrif.
     Then there's folks like Steve Brasher, 42. Steve was handed down a life sentence today for shooting and killing his friend Willie Lawson, 39, in a dispute over Lawson having drank his last beer. I recall mentioning this incident last November, when it occurred and I still think a good chewing out would have been more appropriate, or, at most, a sound ass-kicking. Probably Brasher feels the same way, since cold store-brought beers are probably one of the harder things to come by in prison.
     In other stupid news, 19 year-old Aaron Bell isn't the brightest bulb on the tree, either. Always remember, if you're going to rob a place, especially a place you work at, it might be a good idea to wear as mask. It gets better, though - Bell didn't even get any money from the robbery and in an act of supreme dumbness, the cash-strapped would-be robber actually showed up for work for his shift just three days after the incident. The cops were called and arrested Bell as he was changing into his KFC garb.
     Just goes to show you don't have to be some young herion addict to flip out and do dumb things - a Welsh grandmother was banned from bingo, after punching and giving two black eyes and a broken nose to a lady who'd taken her "lucky chair".
     Finally, I almost feel sorry for this guy, just because he's so lame. Forty schoolchildren chased down and caught the theif, who was too winded to go on. Time to stop smoking, buddy.

Thursday, December 05, 2002


     If there's anything cooler than high-speed photography of bullets plowing through various types of objects, I've yet to see it. Some good stuff here, like the above pic of a .444 Marlin blasting it's way through a Coke.

Ultimate Go-Kart

     Okay, I really want one of these - go-karts fitted with gas turbine engines, another idea whose time has come.

Catch Michael Jackson's Babies

     Michael's flipped out and he's tossing his kids off the balcony, how many can you catch? Don't let Wacko Jacko distract you by acting weird and throwing records at you.

I'd Like to Be Under the Sea...

     Some really pretty vr panoramas from the ocean's depths. Requires Quicktime and may take awhile to load, dial-up folks (doesn't everything, these days?).

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

UFOs in History

     I'm not sure I'm a believer in UFOs one way or the other, but this is pretty interesting stuff, anyway. Old master paintings depicting unidentified flying craft? 16th century woodcuts depicting strange glowing spheres in the skies above Basel, Switzerland? Freaky stuff.

Monday, December 02, 2002

The Color of Money

     Well, doesn't seem like that long since they gave our U.S. paper money denominations makeovers and they're already at it again - this time they're adding some color to the Jacksons, with Lincoln and Franklin next in line for the updated approach.
     Better hang on to a few old ones if you still want to be able to do the 9/11 $20 dollar bill trick. You know, I almost forgot about that trick...I remember posting it several months back when it was a fresh meme and all of the sudden I went from my usual 30 or so hits a day to 600-700 hits in one 24-hour period, due to referrals in search of it.

Don't Refresh That Webpage! You're Liable to Miss Them Filing for Divorce

     Ah...Las Vegas. Just when you think it's as gaudy and tacky as humanly possible, they raise the bar another inch. Now, not only can you have a quickie Vegas wedding, but you can do it on webcam, so the entire internet can watch you make what could possibly be the stupidest, most impulsive mistake you've ever made while you were drinking. I webcam viewers qualify as witnesses? If so that would cut out some of the overhead at these chapels and they could afford an even better class of Elvis impersonator to marry these folks, really make it something they'll treasure a lifetime, you know?
     Suppose anyone will ever get married via webcam? I imagine it's only a matter of time and if they do, it's a sure bet at least one of them will be from Las Vegas.
A Message from the Editor

     Hi there. I didn't really have anything important to say, I've just always wanted to use the phrase "a message from the editor" on here somewhere - it sounds so official.
      I was just thinking I'd start using spaces and write in normal paragraphs, instead of just hitting enter and moving on to the next block of words. I mean, it takes maybe three seconds of extra effort, since there's a "non-breaking line space" menu item on w.bloggar, so why not go that extra mile and do things right, huh?
     I thought it might be a nice touch and wanted to see how it would look, figured I'd mention what was up so I could ease you guys into this, so as to avoid a panic or even conspiracy theories: "I'm telling you man, that's not the real Olsen, he doesn't write like that...he's probably dead. Obviously someone wanted him shut up for good and so they've killed him and replaced him with some kind of agent, to feed us disinformation!"
     Never fear, though - rest assured, nothing has changed. You can still expect the same sort of quality entertainment/crap you've grown accustomed to over the past year and I'm alive and well.
     I realize sometimes it doesn't seem like I do, but I still care about this blog and the handful of people who drop by, I just haven't had the time or the desire to post as obsessively as I had been up until the last couple of months. Wipe away those tears, though, dear reader - for this is a time for rejoicing! Now that it's wintertime I'll have even less incentive to go outdoors or interact with other human with a little luck I'll be rat-a-tat-tatting on this keyboard like a man possessed for the duration of the season and you - lucky you - will be bombarded with more posts and links than you can shake a mouse at.
     You may now return to your regularly scheduled reading, thank you for your support.
'Cause There Can Never Be Enough Flash Mini-Golf Games

Here's one more, from Nabisco.

Some Software Is Better Left Unwritten

The folks at Something Awful Photoshopped these funny, fictuous, rejected software packages.

Match Head Artworks

I was looking at Boingboing awhile ago and they'd posted this site. Pretty neat, the guy makes sculptures out of match heads and then sets them ablaze. His website includes pictures of various things he's done as well as clips of the actual lighting of the sculptures.