Saturday, June 01, 2002

Having, possibly, the weirdest url I've ever seen, this site focuses on bad writing, engrish and the like.

This One's For You, Bill

And because not enough people are making jokes about Robert Blake, a.k.a. Baretta.

The artist who does the web strip Lil Pengy has devoted several strips to the actor-murderer's current troubles, featuring everyone's favorite Baretta co-star, Fred the parrot.

The Toast of the Art World (Best Title I Could Come Up With, I'm Half Awake, Okay?)

This is really nifty - someone took a toaster and by toasting slices of bread to varying degrees of doneness and assembling them in a large mural, made an all-but photographic image of it. The picture above doesn't do this justice, you really need to look at the larger image on the site to appreciate the coolness of it.

Project "Euh?"

This is another site that just sort of defies it just an innocous time-waster or is it Art?

(Apologies to The Everlasting Blort, whom I pillaged mercilessly this morning - sorry guys but if you'd quit posting such weird, cool stuff I'd quit ripping it off)
I Guarantee This Will Freak You Out

It did me, anyways, there's something really, really weird about this thing...check it out.

Beans Around the World

The true tale of a can of S&W black beans as it makes its way across the globe. You'll laugh, you'll cry as you thrill to the adventures of the world's most well-travelled canned side-dish.

Of course, after all those beans, it would be only be fitting to check in with The Farting Doughboy :)

Friday, May 31, 2002

Superhero Hype!

This site is perfect for all you comic geeks who want to keep up with the latest on the upcoming blitz of superhero movies in post-Spiderman Hollywood. Read up on the latest gossip and keep yourself apprised of important info, such as who'll be playing your favorite superhero, who'll direct the upcoming Ghost Rider movie, etc. Also includes message boards, reviews and neat little extras like this italian feature about a Spiderman motorcycle (with pics).

Who the Heck is David Still???

This site lets you send emails to your friends under the guise of one "David Still", artist. There are pre-written letters you can pick, you just fill in the blanks - or you can write your own. Better still, you can answer replies from people who've answered the mysterious Mr. Still's missives.

Stupidest Thing I've Ever Seen - The Popcorn Fork

There's something very wrong with this world when someone's trying to make money selling a specialized popcorn fork. Personally, I think I can live with the buttery fingers.

Object Lessons

Is a catalog that offers some truly unusual items, such as the flaming bible above that shoots out real flames when opened. Also available: gelatain molds in the shape of brains or hearts, magic lightbulbs and more.
Black Market Babies

Don't want to go through all the fuss and hassle of adoption? Too lazy to go out and steal a baby? Well, thanks to the folks at Black Market Babies, you don't have to, with their easy-breezy online catalog, you can have the baby of your choice in no time.

Black market giant panda bears are also offered, for the animal lovers among you.
U.S. Department of "Duh" Urges Americans to Leave India

No kidding, that never would have occurred to me, were I in India. Of course, though, there'll be a bunch of morons who stay behind. That's a given. Personally I'd have gotten out of there a long time ago, I'd certainly be hitting the road now that it looks as though India and Pakistan might be smoking, radioactive craters any day now.
Editorial Note:

Well, I'd planned on posting a lot more stuff today, I realize I've been slacking lately. I did, at least, manage to fix some links and add a couple new ones in my links section.

One in particular, ..:Temas da Vida:.. was long overdue and I'd like to give a shoutout to Renato, the webmaster. Sorry Renato, I'm a lazy piece of crud, what can I say?

Messing with my template is like pulling teeth for me, otherwise I'd have revamped the whole thing a long time ago, probably.

Thursday, May 30, 2002

Arafat Cheese Puffs

The big snack-treat hit on the streets of Egypt these days are Yasser Arafat Cheese Puffs (no joke). Egyptian citizens like the one above are snatching up the brightly colored bags, which feature a cartoon of Arafat with the cheese puffs at his feet (again, no joke) and each bag bought promises not only bite sized morsels of cheesy-goodness, but finance for a Palestinian uprising against Israeli occupation, with the added benefit of sticking it to U.S. goods manufacturers, whose products many Egyptians are calling to boycott.

Weird Vending Machine Items

Everyone's seen vending machines filled with candies or sodas or snacks...but there are a lot of other things that have been sold from vending machines - panty hose, liquor, bait and perfume, from the machine pictured above. Bet that was some great smelling stuff :P
Principal Denies Young Woman's Hard-fought Right to Graduation Walk

If you've read this blog for awhile, you know that two of the things that really tick me off are idiotic public school officials and lawyers. Here's a great example: A girl who'd been paralyzed in a car wreck in 1999 worked for two years to realize her dream of walking across the stage at her graduation commencement.

When the time finally came and she was ready to do it - using her walker - the principal pulled the plug on the idea, citing concern for her safety. Sounds more like he was just scared she'd fall and the school would get sued, even though she'd offered to sign off on liability if anything happened.
The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Yes, apparently they're serious.
Priest Creates Questionable Boy's Wrestling Federation

Okay, the Catholic church has been taking it pretty hard these days in the media, so probably the last thing on earth they needed was some nutty priest making a website selling videos of young boys wrestling and posing suggestively in speedos, sporting names like "Bad Brad", "Latin Heat" and "Hardkore Kid".

In a time when the church is desperately trying to avoid bad publicity, I'm sure their officials had to down a few alka-selters when this particular padre decided to let his freak flag fly on the net.

Newsflash: Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis is a Total Freak

Okay, maybe that's not exactly a huge revelation, but Davis's latest undertaking is bound to raise some eyebrows - he's planning on opening a museum devoted to his vast collection of serial killer memorabilia.

Beer Can Chicken

Well, it's getting warmer everyday and that means it's time to grill, so here's a recipe I came across while I was browsing on Amazon the other day, a novel little item called "Beer Can Chicken".

I haven't tried this yet but it sounds pretty good. The underlying principle of it is you put the beer can up the chicken's rear *ahem* cavity and the boiling beer tenderizes your bird from the inside out, as well as making a nifty little presentation.

(Caution: boiling beer is hot, like I have to tell you that, so if you burn the hell out of yourself making this, it's all on you, okay?)

The Physics of Hell

An insightful theory on the thermodynamic properties of the bad place, as proposed by a University of Washington engineering student, in response to an extra-credit question on his mid-term exam.

59 Mistakes That Cost Hitler WWII Victory

Mistake number 57: Kept Colonel Klink in command.
Tax Man

A Maryland man filed his tax returns in Indiana - 164 times - netting him $372,909 in refunds. Hey, it could have just been an honest mistake, right? I mean, those forms are kind of confusing.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Fred Durst Reduced to a Pathetic, Grovelling Shell - Yeah!

Fred "Sucks" Durst has sunk so low he's now begging former Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland to return. In the immortal words of Nelson, Springfield bully and social commentator: "Ha, ha!"
World's First Computer Bug (Literally)

Found in 1947, by IBM.
Wee on the Web proclaims itself to the smallest site on the web. After looking at it, I'd have to agree.
The Jackie Kennedy Onassis Garage Sale

Monday, May 27, 2002

Photoshop Contest

This site gives you a pre-selected image to fiddle with however you like in Photoshop and submit. Discuss, compare and see how your work stacks up against the other entrant's mad skillz.
Photoshop Contest - Can you picture that?

Live, From New England, it's...a Gorilla!

Okay, you know you're bored when you have nothing better to do than sit and watch the antics of some zoo gorillas for awhile. I was in just such a place today, if you have nothing better to do, you may as well, too. Beats slitting your wrists.

Handheld Gaming Nostalgia

Who could forget the first wave of handheld videogames? Probably you've owned some of these - chances are they're broken in the bottom of your closet, maybe they're in a landfill somewhere or maybe they're still stashed away in a "contraband" box in your old principal's office. At any rate, the proprietor of The Handheld Game Museum has made it his mission in life to document each and every last one of them.

Philson Air Guitar

Learn Air Guitar the easy Philson way - impress your friends, learn new air "chops" and be a star in your own mind!
Man Attempts to Sell His Soul - On Ebay
Senior Prank Shocks, Disgusts

This beyond weird...towards the end of the high school year, pranks by seniors are pretty common, right? This one went way, way, way over the line, though.

"Over the line" being defined as 300 students eating lunch having raccoon urine-filled balloons thrown at them in a full-blown lunchroom riot, with teachers and workers being hurt and the school's television monitor system being taken over in order to show pictures of faculty members' faces attached to famous bodies such as Hitler's.

School officials say they're worried that next year's class will feel a need to "top" this little episode. God help them if they do.

Sunday, May 26, 2002

What the Heck? More Flash Games...

Here are a couple of neat ones...Mad Shark and Hub.Lo.
Super Fighter

Yet another Flash game, this one a fighting game. (Note to dial-up users: this takes a good while to load up.)

You can also get downloadable versions from
Full Time Killer

A stylish Flash shootout game.

Aaron's Photos: Trip to Google

A photographic chronicle of a man's trip to Google's headquarters, showcasing such sights as the kickass videogame emulator shown above, their huge cereal containers and other weirdness.


Space program secrets of the Cold War.


It's Official: This is the Coolest Thing I've Ever Seen

The Moller Skycar.


A really far-out Flash animation.

How Messed Up is This?

You'd think someone would beg dude to stop working out once he got this freakish. Wow.

A freaky search engine with Flash graphics, Kartoo shows your results as a kind of map. Interesting, though I don't see it replacing Google just yet.
File Trading Companies Dropping Like Flies

Looks like Audiogalaxy is the latest p2p program to fall under the weight of the legal fees necessary to keep up with the RIAA's barrage of lawsuits. Kazaa, as well, is calling it quits, it appears, though they've sold their network to foreign interests who won't recognize the RIAA's copyright lawsuits, so you may not notice if you use Kazaa or Kazaa Lite.