Saturday, March 02, 2002

Not So Lucky After All

Yahoo! News - Train Fire Survivor Dies on Return Journey
Seriously, though, she couldn't have come up with anything more imaginative?

Gee, you know, I would have thought that moms gave up on smuggling things into prisons for their sons by placing the objects in a bible, isn't that sort of a cliche` at this point? You can bet that anytime you bring an inmate a bible, the first thing that pops into the jailer's head is "hacksaw" or "dope".

Yahoo! News - Mother Said to Smuggle Saw Blades to Jailed Son
Pat the Obsessive Winamp Skin Collector's Skin of the Day:

Today's skin is called "CU Amp", short for cunieform...real nice detail and a good amp to "rock out" with. Yes, I realize how lame that was, it's late and I'm tired, anyways, enjoy the skin, here it is - CU Amp.

How Do I Make Him Jump?

Say you want to play an old SNES game (or any videogame, for that matter - PC, Gameboy, Playstation 2, etc.) but you've lost the book and have no idea how anything works or what to do? This obsessive megasite appears to have a FAQ for any game you can imagine. Definitely handy to have around for emulation fans, seeing as rom images rarely come with instruction booklets.

Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were
Sidescrolling 2-D Goodness

I was looking at this site and thinking to myself how much I missed the days before three-dimensional videogame perspective became the norm...there was a lot to be said for two-dimensional platform games of the "Mario" variety and the side-scrolling shooter is another genre you don't see much anymore. This site celebrates games in the latter category and their "boss" characters, with links to roms and emulators for these old-school console classics - games like R-Type and Darius Twin.

DESTROY ALL MONSTERS! Classic Video Game Bosses..
Bill Sienkiewicz - Artist
3D Gladiators

A really hardcore fan site featuring nicely done 3-D renderings of the Star Trek universe.

3D Gladiators Premier
Finally - An Effective, Low-Cost Solution To Combating Mind-Control

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie


Chatner! is a funny little chat program done in flash - choose a favorite Trek character, dress them up as you like and yack with other characters as you walk around the bridge.

Load Chatner!
Yahoo! News - Drunken Hunters Ruin Alcohol Abuse Meeting

Friday, March 01, 2002

Pat the Obsessive Winamp Skin Collector's Skin of the Day:

Today's skin is called Edo Shikaku...I have no idea what that means but it's a really pretty martial-arts slanted skin. That said, here ya go, today's skin of the day, Edo Shikaku.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks | Canadian Snack Foods/Canadiens Casse-Croƻte
Yahoo! News - IBM Builds 110 Gigahertz Microchip
I Didn't Know Melanie Griffith and Bo Derek Were Both Mauled By Lions...

A loop is a "collection of famous people who share something in common. That 'something' may be a job, a hobby, a mode of death."

Who2 Loop: More Loops

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Latest Sign of the Decline of Western Civilization:

Wild woman skater Tonya Harding and "Long Island Lolita", Amy Fisher are going to box on Fox...seriously.

HypraSpeed 2 == a flash multiplayer race in realtime ! == by GlobZ and Yamago
Pat the Obsessive Winamp Skin Collector's Skin of the Day:

Ground control to Major Tom...Ground Control to Major Tom...

Today's skin is a really nicely done design that pays tribute to the original Space Oddity, with tight graphics, easy to navigate controls and style to spare...the Major Tom Remix.

Very Stupid Human Tricks

Cool Moon Orbiting Saturn Looks Just Like the Death Star

BBspot - Nolan Curtis - Bitter Tech Support Advisor
Uh oh.

Yahoo! News - Doomsday Clock Moved Ahead

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Science of Baseball
Virtual Horse Racing

Sign up and train, feed and take care of your own thoroughbred, then compete against others for real prize money.

Unreal Racing

Rack 'em!

In case anyone has noticed, I haven't been posting as frequently or rambling as much these last few days. In part, this can be blamed on Yahoo!'s Pool game.

It's a multiplayer eight-ball game sort of like Side Pocket on the old SNES system, but not quite as good.

The gameplay is frustrating sometimes, the programmers' interpetation of the rules of eight ball is dubious and a lot of the players are rude a**holes who tend to leave mid-game or call you a "(expletive) loser" when they win.

Regardless, I'm hooked and I've been playing it a lot lately. If you happen to be there and browsing the game rooms, I'm supermanspaljimmyolsen - aka "Kid Scratch". Bring your own chalk.

Yahoo! Games - Pool
This Is the End, Beautiful Friend - the End...

A blow-by-blow account of the many and varied apocalyptic predictions by prophets and doomsayers throughout history.

A Brief History of the Apocalypse
Make Your Own Flash Toons By the Numbers

Flashcan Animator

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

LoserWire Presents: Bob From Accounting

Hey's the Which Monkee are you Quiz?
Pat the Obsessive Winamp Skin Collector's Skin of the Day:

Well, the first skin of the day I posted was one based on the illustrious yellow dot-chomper, Pac-Man. Today's skin features Pac's better half, the lovely Ms. Pac-Man.

Monday, February 25, 2002

Flash 99% Good. First Aid Manual For Usable Flash Sites
What Kind of Library Are They Running, Anyway???

Man sues Columbus Metropolitan library because their not allowing him to go in barefoot is violating his right to self-expression.

Library counters that it's to "protect patron safety" and cites the fact that they've found "broken glass, blood, feces and semen on its floors."

I don't know what libraries are like in Columbus but if I'm ever in Ohio and need something to read I think I'll just go to a bookstore, after reading this. - News - Man Sues Library For Not Letting Him Go Barefoot
Yahoo Adding Voice Recognition to Services

Online Gadgetry: SeeStorm Messenger

Say you like the idea of video conferencing, but you're too shy to let everyone stare at your face?

Well, the folks at SeeStorm may have just what you need. Their new instant messenger uses 3d avatars in lieu of a cam feed - you provide the voice, they provide the face(s).

SeeStorm works pretty much like any other messenger, with a buddy list and an online directory, as well as a simple text chat. The main difference is the avatars, which mouth along with you as you talk to your online chat partners.

Avatars include George Bush, Vladmir Putin, Santa Claus and (if you're willing to shell out the fourteen bucks) a custom 3d avatar of your own face, made from photos you send in to the company.

SeeStorm Inc Home
Kiss Your Favorite Streaming Radio Stations Goodbye

Streaming internet radio stations were dealt a tough blow yesterday, as a Federal panel put forth a new set of Web music royalty rates that will cost stations .14 cents per song and are retroactive to 1998.

The stations - already struggling to find ways of bringing in revenue -will be hit hard by the new plan, which set the royalty rate at about ten times the rate webcasters suggested.

The new rates will wind up costing - a popular station with about 2 million unique visits a month - an extra $150,000 dollars monthly, whereas smaller stations will probably be driven off the net altogether.

Panel sets royalty rate for music on Web radio

Pat the Obessive Winamp Skin Collector's Skin of the Day:

Today's skin is just a really pretty design with a lot of attention to detail. If it has a theme I guess it would be "alchemy". At any it is, today's skin - Chemical Gold.

Sunday, February 24, 2002

Yahoo! News - Grateful Dead Lyricist Condemns New Copyright Law
Benefitting From Xiao Xiao's Success

It appears that I've gotten a number of visits from people searching Google for the Xiao Xiao stick figure kung-fu shorts, which I posted links to on a couple of occasions.

No real point to this story, just thought I'd mention Xiao Xiao again since it seems to be boosting my popularity somewhat.

Oh, also I'd like to take this moment say "FREE XXX KINKY PORN and FREE MP3s"in hopes it has the same effect.
Finally, An Error Message That Tells It Like It Is

This Page Cannot Be Displayed

The Wishing Bird

Hilarious short flash cartoon.

Click here to view
BBspot - Slashdot Story Generator

The Deadly Follies of Stick Figure Warning-Man and Family
Pat the Obsessive Winamp Skin Collector's Skin of the Day:

Here's the Winamp Skin of the day, a little number called "Handwritten".

Mapping the Red Giant

Using images made in 1999 by the Mars Global Surveyor, scientists have produced the most detailed map yet of the planet's surface, all of which can be viewed here.

Space News

"Admiral, there be whales here!" - Life imitates Trek

Star Trek fans may recall a scene from the big-screener "The Voyage Home" in which Scotty provides a flabbergasted twentieth-century engineer with a formula for "transparent aluminum" - in exchange for the material and facilities he needed to build a huge, humpbacked whale-housing aquarium (long story).

Anyway, it appears that the folks at the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies have succeeded in slapping together some of the fictional high-strength material on their own - without the benefit of everyone's favorite Enterprise engineer.

Slashdot | Transparent Aluminium
"Meeting girls is easy this way," said Amir, as he continued typing, "You can be relaxed no worries."

This really surprised me - I would have assumed that Iranian isps were submitted to strict guidelines and filtering of their web access.

That doesn't seem to be the case - in fact many isps there, according to this story in The Guardian - use their uncensored status as a selling point.

I don't know what to after reading this story - should I take it as a sign of hope, an indication that the flood of outside information could someday open the country up to an appreciation of outside opinion and ideas - or should I be mad because this burgeoning wave of Iranian net consumers are likely to have faster internet connections the one I have here in rural Alabama?

Oh cable companies...why hath thou forsaken me?

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Iran nets another revolt
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Mmmm...carcinogens (drool)

If I had an Amazon wishlist, this would be on it: Weber 758098 22 1/2-Inch One-Touch Gold Charcoal Kettle--The Simpsons 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Grill