Thursday, January 24, 2002

The Blogjam Random Kitten generates...uh...kittens. look! cute little kittens! blogjam random kitten generator
An archive of hacker-defaced websites, mirrored and saved. defacement archives
I'd never seen this site before, pretty good stuff, lot of interesting news articles, divided by categories such as hacking issues, privacy issues, the war on terrorism, etc.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

From the "I think I might just cry like an old washwoman I'm so happy dept: The upcoming movie Sam I Am, with Sean Penn and Michelle Pfiffer has a soundtrack made up of Beatles covers by various new artists...including "Golden Slumbers" as done by my main keyboard man, Ben Folds. Also on the cd: Eddie Vedder, Sheryl Crow, The Stereophonics...this is too good, hope they don't mess it up, I guess I'll know shortly enough, a quick trip to Morpheus...ahem...I mean, a quick trip to Sam Goody's and I'll be giving this a listen. :) I am Sam Official Movie Site: Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Trailer, Pictures, Soundtrack, Download, Cast
I've been listening to Prince for a lotta years, I guess 'round about the time he came out with "Little Red Corvette"...he's had his ups and downs, trouble with the record company folk, bouts of weirdness, etc....but I must say, he's back in fine form with this last album, "The Rainbow Children". I've been listening to tracks off it today and it rocks. For sheer productivity and output, you just can't beat the Purple One...he probably has more good tracks he's forgotten about gathering dust in a vault somewhere than most acts today will ever lay down in their entire careers. Plus he has a nice website :) Love 4 One Another
I've been listening to this band called The Strokes lately and I have to say, they rock. They were on Saturday Night Live the other night, which was cool because I'd just started listening to them a few days before. Kind of a neat site design too.
Same folks that made the tarantulas are the ones behind this virtual pet, the Mopyfish. Haven't tried this one yet but what the hell, seeing as I have no life I'm going to now...Untitled
Virtual Tarantulas...Virtual Creatures Official Web Site - (Lifelike Virtual Creatures on your PC. Tarantula pets available now!)

Monday, January 21, 2002

This little game from Sega is pretty addictive, it's a puzzle game, cool thing is, you can play online too, not only in shockwave, but with other PC users - and if you have a friend with Dreamcast, they can play you as well. - Swirl
BuzzWhack, home of the buzzword of the day -

NASCAR effect: A collection of award icons, banners, webrings and ads that clutter the bottom or top of a Web page. Like a race car covered in ads, they blur and become meaningless.

meatloaf: Unsolicited mass e-mail, circulated by friends or office mates via group e-mail lists, consisting of jokes, anecdotes and other trivia. Where spam is commercial, meatloaf is homemade.

BuzzWhack: The Buzzword Compliant Dictionary
Serious, hardcore overclocking - world record (?) 3675MHz!!

Sunday, January 20, 2002

I gotta admit, I never heard of this guy...I know this stuff isn't funny, but really, with a name like C-Murder and the fact that he was already out on bail on an ATTEMPTED murder charge, should we be surprised the guy finally killed somebody? Younger brother of Master-P shoots teen.
Wow, this looks like a nice little pile of web games :) Flash Games
Seeing as it's Winter Olympics time, how about a visit to the official home of the Zamboni? Welcome to Zamboni!