Saturday, January 12, 2002

Behind the scenes at the world's best search engine: USA today visits the "Googleplex". Visit to Google's HQ provides blast from Silicon Valley past

Friday, January 11, 2002

A really bizarre, very cool flash animation that I can't really describe. Dada-flash? F L O W
Ultra, ultra-cool flash-based clock....this rules. Got this from BoingBoing, maybe I should just put up a BoingBoing mirror...'cause this reminds me, I forgot to post the other super-cool flash animation that was posted there yesterday, which brings us to our next post...INDUSTORIOUS CLOCK ||| MONO*CRAFTS3.0
If this doesn't destroy any faith you have in the decency of the common man, I don't know what will...a man crossing the street is run over...the first driver stopped, but the man was run over by another twelve or so cars which kept right on going. | Top Stories
This link was on BoingBoing today and I had to blog it, this site has links that will automatically opt you out of some of the most prevalent popup/popunder ads on the net, such as the dreaded X-10 spy camera, Doubleclick, etc. The opt-out page sets your cookies from these various companies so the ads won't come up. God bless whoever did this, if I saw one more X-10 ad I was going to bawl. No More Popup Ads

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Well, after some browsing around on the message boards at The Fortean Times, it appears that what got them was a worm:
Unix/SadMind is an internet worm which propagates using a buffer overrun exploit on Solaris systems in the sadmind program, part of the Solstice AdminSuite.

When the worm attacks a system it will append the text "+ +" to the .rhosts file belonging to root. It will then copy the worm (using rcp) to the new machine and extract into a new /dev/cuc directory. /etc/rc.d/S71rpc will be changed so the worm is started when the system is started and then that file will be run to make the worm active immediately.

When the worm is active it will scan random class B networks looking for vulnerable machines to infect next. In parallel it will scan for Microsoft IIS web servers and will attempt to deface the front page with a message in red text on a black background stating 'fuck USA Government, fuck PoizonBOx'.

(screen shot on the page) Sophos virus analysis: Unix/SadMind

Wednesday, January 09, 2002

I was going to check out the Fortean Times a minute ago and apparently someone hacked it, judging by the fact that all their content seems to have been replaced by a short psychotic anti-govt. hax0r swearing rant. I sent the link to and Cory Doctorow mailed me back saying they'd fixed it before he was able to blog it, I'm leaving the link anyways though, it's a pretty cool site or I wouldn't have been headed there to begin with. Fortean Times
Google's Year-End Zeitgeist...did my heart good to see that The Beatles were the most-searched for band on Google in the past year. :) Google Press Center: Zeitgeist
Find out if your computer is harboring spyware or "scumware" programs. Software that is ripping webmasters off.
From cleaning your toilet to relieving the sting of jellyfish stings, is there anything this most mighty of all carbonated sodas cannot do? Crazy Uses For Coca Cola!

Tuesday, January 08, 2002

A goofy made-up toy factory.
What happens when you shoot a grapefruit with a high-velocity 88 grain 9mm hollowpoint? When you blast a coconut with a .357 Cor-Bon? View the results in Quicktime format here at Innocent Inanimate Objects, the brainchild of Joseph N. Hall, a man with too much time (and way too many guns) on his hands. Innocent Inanimate Objects
Humor with a 19th century bent. Daze of Our Lives - Ups and Downs
The recorded ramblings of a Crazy Drunk Guy, captured for posterity. Crazy Drunk Guy
Are You Living in a Computer Simulation?

Monday, January 07, 2002

Little known fact about the blogmeister here...I like the Three Stooges...this is not to say I'm a Stooge fanatic or even that I watch them that much, but I like 'em. I mean, c'mon. The freaking Stooges. "Moe, Larry, the cheese, the CHEESE!!!", etc. So this kind of did my heart good to read, the Stooges heirs won a court battle with a T-shirt designer who was using the likenesses of the boys on his shirts and awarded them $75,000, plus $150,000 in attorney's fees and other costs. If you know anything about the history of the Three Stooges, any heirs of theirs are probably very deserving of any money they get. Supreme Court Sides with Heirs of Three Stooges
The Guardian lists it's "Seven Wonders of the Web", with, the hosts that are providing this very page you're reading, among the winners. I have to say, they all seem like very good choices, Yahoo!, Google, Project Gutenburg, hard to argue with their logic. Guardian Unlimited | Netnews | The seven wonders of the web
I'm going to be messing around with the blog template awhile, so if you see anything that hurts your eyes (i.e. horrible color combinations, ridiculous backgrounds) I apologize, please bear with me.
Osama Bin Laden cologne? Candy? If you happen to be in Pakistan, where a gallup poll taken before the allied invasion of Afghanistan showed that 83% of Pakistanis supported the Al Qaeda leader's cause, it's as obiquitous as Ben and Jerry's. When Seeing Osama Is Not Enough