Thursday, September 26, 2002

Superman Movie is Finally Cleared for Takeoff

Well, looks like there's finally a solid, for-real Superman movie in the works. John Peters will produce and Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) will helm the director's chair. There's a rumor going around that Keanu Reeves may play the Kryptonian crimefighter, which would really cement the odd little tradition of similiarly-named men (George Reeves, the television Supes and Christopher Reeve of the previous big-budget outings) donning the blue tights and cape. Here's hoping they don't mess it up.

We Will, We Will Eat You!

A little Thanksgiving-themed humor by some rockin' and rollin' turkeys.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Miserable Melodies

Only the very worst in music is served up here - from Ethel Merman's I Got Rythm (Disco Version) to Phyllis Diller's ear-torturing rendition of I Can't Get No Satisfaction - it's a veritable crap-heap of auditory blasphemy that will leave you crumpled on the floor in the fetal position, desperately trying to poke out your eardrums with a fork.

If you're man/woman enough to withstand the mind-numbing awfulness of Pat Boone belting out the Jimi Hendrix hit The Wind Cries Mary or can stomach the horrific refrains of Leonard Nimoy's take on If I Had a Hammer, I salute you - you are made of stronger stuff than most.


It takes hundreds of years to form and only minutes to vaporize… Pure, refreshing, crystal clear, filtered, and compressed dehydrated water. No where on Earth will you find a more pure substance. Dehydrated water is compact, lightweight, easy to store, and perfect to take wherever you go.

The people at tout the benefits of their product, a steal at $5 a pop. Free samples available if you'd like to try before you buy.

Move Over, Gates, $anta's Got the Bling-Bling, Baby!

Forbes Magazine's picks for the top fifteen richest fictional characters of all time. St. Nick tops out the list with his seemingly inexhaustible wealth, beating out such cash-carrying luminaries as Richie Rich and Bruce Wayne.

"I Get Lonesome, Sometimes, Right in the Middle of a Crowd.."

This and other quotes played out by The Virtual Elvis, which you alter, costume and background-wise, to your tastes. The King lives on, in cyberspace.
Brainwashing America

I only hope they use those nice little fabric-freshening strips so all our brains will come out all fluffy and smelling springtime-fresh.
Page by Page

This site gets around the hassle of reading long literary works online - the endless scrolling, the problem of finding your place once you've lost it, etc. - by presenting the large library of public domain classics it offers in a single-page-at-a-time format.


Don't be fooled by those cutesy greeting cards and seemingly loving nature of our feline friends you're used to...not all cats are cute, cuddly and adorable. Some are just out-and-out bad apples. HISSSS!!!

Because You Can Never, Ever Have Enough TV Trivia

TV Acres bills itself as "The Ultimate Subject Guide to Television Facts" and is a huge repository of trivia on various subjects. Pick a word like "taverns", for instance, from their indexed list and you get loads of fictional hangouts like "The Boar's Nest", from The Dukes of Hazzard, Boston's favorite watering hole, "Cheers", Northern Exposure's "The Brick", Frasier's "McGuinty's, etc. You get the idea.
Sand Art

An applet for the truly bored-to-tears. Use your cursor to drop virtual sand (in the color of your choosing) and make your own little sand-art masterpiece. Not much to it, but it has a nice Zen quality, nonetheless.

"Stay Inside the Velvet Ropes at All Times and Don't Touch the Joysticks, Please."

At The Videogame Museum, there's more game info than you can shake a controller at. I didn't even know there was such a thing as the Atari 800 pictured above. Sadly there was little information regarding it, aside from the picture - there's tons of dirt on everything else videogame-oriented, however. This may be a repost, I'm not sure. If it is, though, probably it was so long ago nobody's going to remember anyway.
Moron of the Day

A Chicago teenager was treated for second degree burns after setting his shorts on fire (three times) in what was apparently a game he and his idiotic friends were playing - wherein each would smear gasoline onto their shorts and let the other light them. After lighting themselves on fire, they'd roll on the ground and put out the blaze.

After a few times, though, there was just too much gas on their shorts and the boy was unable to put it out. No charges filed - in the words of the police officer called to the scene, "Being totally stupid is not a crime."
Silent Suit

Composer Matt Batt has been ordered by a court to pay a six-figure settlement to the estate of John Cage for plagiarism. The lawsuit concerns Batt's inclusion of a silent track on his album, entitled One Minute of Silence, which the American composer, Cage's estate claims rips off his composition, 4'33'' - a four-minute, thirty-three second track of silence.

Pretty sad, huh? I think it's a little ridiculous, although I'm behind any lawsuit that would attempt to sue Batt and the late Cage for being pretentious jackasses.

Monday, September 23, 2002

Wouldn't He Already Be Insane to Do This?

Paul Mathis has a request - he'd like you to drive him insane. How, you ask? His home is wired so you can turn his lights on and off, send him annoying text messages that are converted to voice synthesized greetings, etc. A very odd person on a very unusual quest.

570 Bars

This one's just for Darren, Tara and any other Seattle residents or visitors. Two guys decided to make the rounds of all 570 bars in the city and have rated each on their various attributes, as well as summing up their experience in a weblog. They're halfway through their tour now and if you're in the area and in the mood for a drink this might be the place to check before you do your bar-hopping. Cheers!

Sunday, September 22, 2002


A short, odd little commercial from Japan for Fanta brand soda.
The Beer Song

An Old "Weird Al" song done up as a Flash movie. Dial-up users take heed, this puppy took awhile to load.