Friday, April 12, 2002

Money, Money, Money, Must Be Funny - In a Rich Man's World

Swedish supergroup ABBA turned down a BILLION dollars to reunite and do 100 shows. I don't know what to make of that, they must have really invested their money well. I can't help but think that maybe they could have thought it over awhile and thought of something they could use the billion bucks for - like, oh, I dunno...curing cancer or something? Those guys must really hate each other with a passion if they won't get together for that kind of dough.
The Haxor Translator

Fin411y, 4ny0n3 c4n s0und 7ru1y 31337, wi7h 7h3 h4x0r 7r4ns1470r, jus7 3n70r 7h3 73x7 y0u w4n7 7r4ns1473d 4nd i7's h4x0r3d

Could This Be the Latest Net-Fad?

A month or so ago I posted a picture of a cat with it's face right up against the camera lense for no particular reason, other than I thought it was funny. It seems that the act of taking pictures of animals in that manner has caught on, earning it's own name - Orking.


If You Build It, They Will Come

This is a pretty interesting site that deals with buildings of all kinds, from traditional skyscrapers, bridges and castles to more unusual constructions, such as the Canadian Ice Hotel (pictured above), sand castles and a 100 foot tall Tupperware tower in Florida.

Architecture of the World from Glass Steel and Stone

Food of the Gods

Ahhh...chocolate. I love the stuff and it never dawned on me that I'd never seen what a cacao tree (shown above, with ripening pods) even looked like. This site has all the lowdown on the greatest of all confections.

Chocolate - All About Chocolate

Retro-Culture Entertainment

Secret Fun Spot is a really great nostalgia/retro site, presented in a flash format with cartoons and memories of days gone by, though it probably doesn't hurt if you're over thirty. I saw several really obscure items from my childhood while browsing their galleries and there are a lot of "hey, I remember those..." type pop-culture items scattered throughout the two toons. Fun stuff.

The Bottom Five Complete Idiot's Guides

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Wayne Gretzky Returns To Alberta--To Rule
Shark Researcher Who Claimed Sharks Wouldn't Bite Him Loses Leg

The Standardized "Should I Stalk William Shatner?" Test

Cat Racing?

Yep, that's right. Cat racing.

Gary Burghoff, Renaissance Man

What ever became of television's "Radar" O'Reilly, you ask?

According to this site, the "legendary" actor is now an "intense wildlife artist" and is, in fact, the QUIET GIANT of wildlife art, whatever that means.

Kenny Rogers Mania Conquering the WWW

What is it lately with Kenny Rogers? First there's a site celebrating men who look like him.

Now The Onion is poking fun at him.

A german singer/designer is so desperate live out his life's dream of singing a duet with him that he bought the domain and is using it for a soapbox on which he can pitch his idea to Kenny and his fans.

Oh yeah...and I may have posted this site before, but oddcast has a couple of Kenny's songs in it's lineup of karaoke e-cards you can record and send to friends, as well as a lot of other popular songs by new and old artists.

The Only Known Photograph of President Lincoln at Gettysburg - The Gettysburg Address (Library of Congress Exhibition)

Where Was PETA When This Was Going On?

You really have to wonder about people who dress up their dogs like this. I would think that most self-respecting pups would rather be tied to a tree, starved and beaten endlessly than paraded around in one of these get-ups. Does Bat Dog there look happy? Actually, in the full-sized picture, he looks like someone just told him he was going to be neutered.

Pet Costumes

Couch Potatoes Rejoice, the Exercise Pill is On the Way...Thank God

Looks like those wonderful, beautiful eggheads out there are closing in on a way to get into shape without having to leave your couch or computer chair to endure that horrific thing known as "exercise".

As for the nuts and bolts of it, it has something to do with mitochondrial proteins or something...whatever.

All I know is it sure would be nice to enjoy my sedentary, sloth-like blogger lifestyle and still have a rippling six pack. All hail science!

Yahoo! News - Scientists ID New Form of Exercise

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

A Funky Javascript Clock

No-one Home

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Anatomy Lessons for the Squeamish

A really interesting site that allows you to "virtually" dissect a frog. Very well-executed and educational, it's a lot more fun than dissecting a real one back in high school - all the learning without the yucky mess. In fact, I learned a helluva lot more about frog innards and their workings in five minutes here than I did by carving up a real frog in my ninth-grade biology class.

Richard M. Nixon is on the ballot in Alabama; it's no joke
How To Uninstall Kazaa's Computer-Hijacking Scumware

Brilliant Digital Entertainment quietly installs their p2p software along with every Kazaa install. They plan to "turn on" the software soon. When this happens Brilliant will be able to use your bandwidth, idle computing power, etc., as part of a p2p network.

This article will tell you how to easily rid yourself of this pesky program and it's related files.

News: How to: Uninstall Brilliant software
Mike, The Headless Chicken

The story of a chicken who lived eighteen months without the benefit of his head. Not only did he live, but was, in fact, a "robust chicken - a fine specimen of a chicken except for not having a head."

Love the theme song :)

Official Mike The Headless Chicken Coop

The Simpsons Offend Brazil

A recent episode of The Simpsons didn't go over very well in Brazil, in fact, they're taking FOX to court. Granted, they were pretty rough on Rio...but aren't they tough on everyone? Oh well, good luck collecting on that lawsuit.

Yahoo! News - Brazil Has a Cow Over "Simpsons"

Monday, April 08, 2002

Ozzy to Dine at the Whitehouse - Forty Dead Presidents Spin Like Tops in Their Graves

Wow...looks like the Ozzman's been invited to the White House. This is too funny. I just can't believe this story. The fact that he'd even be let in the door amazes me, especially since Ozzy was once banned from Texas, President Bush's home state - for peeing on the Alamo.

Yahoo! News - Ozzy Accepts Invite To White House Dinner

Awwww....Rottweiler Befriends Duck

Happy the Duck is convinced he's a rottweiler and luckily for him, his rottweiler buddy seems to be good with that.

The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling tabloid
The Phoenix 1000 Luxury Submarine
Eating His Share of the One Billion Sold

This guy's eaten at 11,000 of the 13,500+ McDonald's resturaunts in the United States.

This man says his happiest meals are at McDonald's

Wacky Packages

Anyone remember Wacky Packages stickers? I had several of these when I was a kid. This site has a clickable image map of EVERY one of the five hundred-plus sticker collection. Via Boingboing

Wacky Packages

Sunday, April 07, 2002

Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night!

Announcer: And now, another "Super Bowl Gambling Memory".

Narrator: "Super Bowl X. Miami. With the Pittsburgh Steelers leading the Dallas Cowboys, 21 to 10, Dallas Quarterback Roger Staubach fires a 34-yard touchdown pass to Percy Howard in the waning moments of the fourth quarter, making the final score: Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17. The Cowboys, 6-point underdogs, have beaten the spread."

Announcer: This has been a "Super Bowl Gambling Memory"!

Saturday Night Live Transcripts has tons of transcripts from the late-night perennial available for perusal, with more added frequently.

Saturday Night Live Transcripts