Thursday, May 16, 2002

Lot of Traffic Today (For This Site, Anyways) Due to Money Origami

I haven't really messed with my blog much the last couple days and today I went by to check out my sitemeter stats and was shocked to find out I'd had a little over 500 visitors today (my average is 49). Apparently tons of people were all looking for the 9/11 twenty-dollar bill tribute instructions.

Look, I'm not trying to turn this into some kind of war-profiteering or anything (not like I have any ads, anyways) but I figured if that many people were coming by looking for the link in question, I'd go ahead and post it again so they'd have an easier time finding it. Hopefully some of you will stick around and browse the rest of the site :)

Crop Art

This site showcases the work of people who use natural mediums such as beans, seeds, oats, etc. Odd stuff, some of it's pretty impressive, though.

Light Grafitti

An ultra-sharp little flashed site that showcases grafitti made by waving around lights and using slow exposure photography. Very fun and entertaining Flash work, these folks know what they're doing.
The Matrix Reloaded

The teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel to The Matrix went online today at the official site. Quicktime format in various sizes, depending on your speed and patience.
The 5k Site Contest

A web design contest where the participants are asked to make the neatest page/site they can using only 5 kilobytes.
Tesla Coin-Shrinking

A guy having way too much fun with a 10'' diameter tesla coil. By inducing currents of over a million amperes inside a coin, magnetic forces are created which shrink the coins to a fraction of their normal size. Neat trick :)

Warning: do not try this at home unless you really, really know your way around a tesla coil, okay?
All I Really Needed to Know I Learned By Having My Arms Ripped Off by a Polar Bear

A funny little essay from The New Yorker. Speaking of The New Yorker, you can see tons and tons of their cartoons at, here.

Microsoft Cartoon

A really funny little flash spoof of Bill Gates and Windows in the form of an animated Microsoft commercial.

Busted Celebs

A rogue's gallery of celebs who've been arrested or put in jail, such as Darlene Fraschilla, former Mouseketeer (above) who was convicted of stock fraud, Johnny Carson and George Bush (DUIs) and I don't suppose I have to tell you Robert Downey Jr. is on there, right?

Zippo Tricks're completely, totally bored and there's nothing to do? Absolutely nothing? You're sure?

Okay, in that case, there are 150 or so neat ways to strike a Zippo lighter and they're all chronicled here for you to learn. Have at it.
Vanilla Coke Introduced

I'm going to have to try a bottle of this stuff if I can find any later. Anyone else tried it yet?
Sound Search is a search engine for sounds - AIFF, AU and WAVEs. Looking for a sound for your instant messenger or theme? This would be a good place to look.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002