Saturday, February 16, 2002

I'm honestly not trying to make fun of anyone here, but this is just so bizarre...I don't know what it's like to be a blind person, obviously and I hope I never find out, if I was, though, I can't imagine the thought "I want to go skiing" crossing my mind.
Michigan Blind Skiers Association
If you're planning on being in Berlin before February 23, swing by Blinkenlights...this is just too nuts to be believed, ultra-geeks have rigged a building's lights to a main computer that allows you to dial it from your cellphone and post messages, drawings and even play pong on the side of the building. This is real tech-nerd fantasyland stuff.
blinkenlights: Blinkenlights
Bad Science Projects - The scientific method gone terribly, terribly wrong

Remember those little red and white plastic water rockets you'd get when you were a kid? You pumped them up and released the trigger and they'd shoot high into the air? Well, these geek mad scientist types have taken it to the next level and show how to make monster rockets. I'm not even sure these things are safe, judging by their looks...thus, I hereby relinquish any responsability if you build one and wind up blowing your hand off or something. It's all on you. That said, enjoy :)
Water Rockets

TeeVee - It's Not You, It's Me, Charlie Brown
Jordan...I'm glad for you and gotta get to one of these as soon as they have an outlet nearby...Krispy Kreme Donuts invade Canada., Krispy soldiers
Okay...maybe just one more post. The Site Guru. This is just so freaking funny.
Well, here's today's soaking wet cat picture...and on that note, I'm gonna call it a night, I'm sleepier than Rip Van Winkle on a half-bottle of Nyquil over here.
Hitler and Mengele, now with Kung-fu Action Grip!
This guy in New York is marketing Nazi war criminal action figures...wonders why people are ticked off...duh, man.
New York Daily News Online | News and Views | Beyond the City | Dolls of Nazi Nasties Are Invading Toyland

Hats for cats...yeah, cat bucky would have one of these things of his head and shredded to pieces before you could say "meow mix". Now this is the kind of thing PETA should be protesting, it's just plain wrong.
Clifford's Cat Hats

While the White House has been sticking with it's story that Kenneth Lay was merely a contributor to Bush's campaigns (his largest contributer, actually) and someone he may have bumped into a time or two, The Smoking Gun has a fat pile of correspondence between the two that suggests otherwise. Seeing as how Lay, chairman of a Houston-based energy firm gave Dubya free use of Enron jets during his presidential campaign and they both have an interest in baseball (George had his Astros, Lay his Enron field - soon to be renamed, hopefully - the fans don't care for the current name, may as well be called Osama Bin Laden Stadium or Hitler Field after what's happened with Enron) I'm thinking these two probably shared many a hearty laugh over a cold brewskie or two over the years, don't ya think?
The Smoking Gun: Archive

Friday, February 15, 2002

Sigh...I'm a little behind on this one, I'm afraid - it's the fifteenth...but it's still worth looking at...just type in your short message and it will generate your very own own candy heart in the color of your choosing <3
ACME Heart Maker

The top fifty album covers ever, as decided by Rolling Stone.
RollingStone's Top Fifty Album Covers of All Time

This is one of the most mind-blowing stories of all time...Coral Castle, Ed Leedskalnin's enigmatic monument of human (and some would say, supernatural) achievement. At five feet tall and 100 pounds, Ed built a Castle out of the ground, using only the most basic of tools, moved gigantic rocks weighing several tons by himself and nobody ever witnessed him at work, as he worked secretively under the cover of night. It's still a mystery how he did it. Ed claimed to have discovered the secrets of the pyramids. Whatever his secret was, he carried it to the grave with him and to this day, scientists and engineers are mystified by his achievments.
Coral Castle've got your cloning going on all over the place, like the cute new carbon-copy kitten. Human cloning is dead ahead and now, a Florida family has volunteered to be the first guinea pigs to be implanted with microchips. Hope that thing can somehow help them cast a vote. Stop the world, I want to get off. Boca Raton family volunteers to be first for microchip implants 2/12/02

Harvey Ball, whom you've probably never heard of, died last've seen his work, though, it's a part of the fabric of our everday lives. He's the man who gave us the immortal "yellow smiley face" and it's catchphrase "Have a nice day" back in 1963. He made a total of $45 dollars off his visionary creation :( : Weird News: The Wolf Files
Janis Joplin, as done by Crumb
Links and articles about Robert Crumb, sixties radical cartoonist.
Robert Crumb Fans ! Stop LOOKING FOR CRUMB? This is it.
A large gallery of random hi-res photos taken by the site's owner, nice images and they're suitable for wallpaper - or anything else you'd like to use them for, says the photographer.
d o u g l a s p e a r c e . c o m --> ver15
If there's anything I hate more than psychics, it would have to be the nutcases at, I like animals and of course I'm against things like torturing kittens and things like that...but they take it WAY too far sometimes. Now they're telling us it's not only wrong to eat cows, but it's wrong to ridicule them as well. Apparently students at Florida Southern College had a fundraising event, a game of "cow bingo". The bingo game was played on a grid on Barnett Field. The squares were available to purchase and the winner was chosen by the square on which the cow deposited a cow patty. This, of course, sent PETA's loonies into spastic fits. I can't help but think that these fanatical goofballs could be expending all this time and energy to something useful, like caring for crack babies or feeding the hungry, instead of going ballistic and getting all bent out of shape over a cow's sensitive feelings.
PETA Still Critical of College's Use of a Cow
A site that celebrates the little oddball details in product packaging.
Inconspicuous Consumption

Well, the Canadian figure skaters have been awarded their gold medal so hopefully now everyone can relax and shut up about it already. Personally, I think the best way to fix this problem in the future is to stop giving them scores at all, as the scoring seems to be so subjective and complex that nobody on earth aside from the judges even has a clue what's really going on anyways, so unless someone just flat out falls down or stumbles...who's to know? Do you know what a triple sow-cow is? Me neither...I guess there's some entertainment value but figure skating is not a sport. I repeat...NOT a sport.
One more reason MSN Messenger sucks.
Yahoo! News - MSN Messenger hit by worm
Here's today's ticked-off wet cat picture.
Going down, Miss Cleo...thank GOD. Now if there was only something they could do about John "Full of Crap" Edwards and that stupid "Crossing Over" show of his, I'd be happy.
Yahoo! News - US Agency Sues 'Miss Cleo' Hot Line

Dear God, I spent a goodly amount of Valentine's Day arguing the merits of a new "Superman" movie with idiotic fanboys on the Yahoo! message boards. Look...just shoot me, okay? I obviously have no life at this point and I'm just wasting valuable oxygen that could be better used to keep other, more useful people - or plants, for that matter - alive. Incidentally, I say hell yeah, let 'em do it, can't hurt to try.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Miss Cleo and the company she represents are about to be treed.
Sun-Sentinel: News Local
"I think that there are moments where you can see the world turning from what it is into what it will be. For me, the New York World's Fair is such a moment. It is a compass rose pointing in all directions, toward imaginary future and real past, false future and immutable present, a world of tomorrow contained in the lost American yesterday."

- John Crowley, from the film The World of Tomorrow
The 1939-40 New York World's Fair

This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen on the net, a short film called "Troops", it's a parody that crosses "Cops" with "Star Wars" and is really expertly done. It's a big download, 27 megs for the entire film in Quicktime format but it's SO WORTH IT. If you like "Cops" or "Star Wars" or both you need to download this. The director maxed out his credit cards in order to make this thing on a budget of something like thirty thousand dollars, I think. It's hilarious though and a really wicked, spot-on bit of satire.
TFN FanFilms | Short Films | Troops
A Zen Buddhist walks into a pizza parlor and says "Make me one with everything."
I'm a couple weeks behind the times on posting this and people may not even be doing it anymore, but once upon a time this was the big internet craze (week before last it was, anyways, but you know the net, probably everyone's moved on now). Still, it's pretty interesting and I love Google so I'm gonna post it.
Googlewhacking: The Search for The One True Googlewhack this point I'm just curious how many more "wet pissed off cat" pictures are left to find on the's today's installment, this one doesn't look so happy.
In the tradition of "All Your Base", this is "The Terrible Secret of Space" by The Laziest Men on Mars | The Terrible Secret of Space

Well, it's Valentine's Day and I'm utterly, totally alone...again. Don't know if I'm going to be posting anything today, as I'll probably be spending the entire day hiding under my covers in the dark, pulling on a bottle of cheap whiskey and crying in the fetal position. In honor of the date, though, here's a post just to prove I'm not a complete spoilsport.
MysteryNet: St. Valentine's Day Massacre: A True Crime Story of Guns and Gangsters

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Waylon Jennings died today, which sucks.
Yahoo! News - Country Great Waylon Jennings Dies

A gigantic archive of promotional videogame flyers (Note: also searchable are pinball game flyers). Who knew there was ever a "Fonz" arcade game???
GameArchive: Promo Flyers
Stand apart from the other sci-fi fanboys...anyone can buy action figure...hell, the more die-hard are even likely to put together their own stormtrooper outfit...but to be truly elite, you're gonna have to go out and build your own R2-D2 unit. You know you want to.
R2-D2 Builders Club - Contents
Well, what do you know...Elvis is alive and well. Really.
Kansas City 1 Channel - Doctor Continues To Claim He Treats Elvis
Hard times....probably everyone on the net's seen this already but oh well.
Keyboard Man
The Top 15 Signs Your Website Was Hacked by Dumb Guys
Lucky! Boy Run Over by Train, Survives.
An interesting article on the phenomena of "ball lightning".
Anatomy of a Lightning Ball: Science News Online, Feb. 9, 2002
An online doodling community, they give you a squiggly line and you take it from there.
Let's Wiggle
Iranians really, really, REALLY hate us...
Yahoo! News - Millions in Iran Rally Against U.S.
The Texas Department of Criminal Justice's list of last meal requests, which I can only assume is presented for entertainment purposes, sort of tacky, really...interesting though, some of the inmates didn't request anything at all, one weirdo only asked for assorted flavors of Jolly Rancher's what would possess a man to forego such staple comfort foods as steak and potatoes and instead request Jolly Ranchers as his final meal in his final hours on planet Earth?
Final Meal Requests
Find out the skinny on those ominous forwards you get in your email (virus warnings, conspiracies, terrorist stories) so you can separate fact from urban legend. the bunk stops here
Funny flash cartoon.
al Qaeda Employee Handbook
This is one of the funniest pages I've ever seen on the web...JoeLogon's Foolproof Guide to Making Any Woman Your Platonic Friend
"I Just Want To Be Friends."
If you remember the old G.I. Joe cartoons that came on in the afternoon during the eighties, this will amuse you...if you don't, well...nevermind.
McSweeney's Internet Tendency: Journal of a New COBRA Recruit
McSweeney's Internet Tendency: On the Implausibility of the Death Star's Trash Compactor
I've said it before and I'll say it again: wet cats are funny as hell.
Well, it's still just another blogger template I'm using, I kind of like this one, though, even though it's sort of simple...I think I may just keep it like it is for awhile. Your thoughts?
What do you get when you mix a guy, a six pack of beer, a pellet gun, a bunch of weather balloons and a lawn chair? A True American Hero, that's what :)
now that's one crazy s.o.b
I get a lot of spam, I have really high hopes for this, I'm sure spammers will rise to the occasion though and find new ways of annoying us.
Yahoo! News - FTC's working for a spam clampdown
Aight, I know it's another wet, pissed off kitten picture. I just find them extremely funny, okay? suck.
Anti-American Postage stamp propoganda through history - gallery.
Yesterday I posted a link to a story about the "car horn organ" a lady I give you: The Beer Bottle Organ.
Peterson Tuners (Bottle Organ)
Ever wonder who designs all those icons you look at on windows everyday, the trash can, the little grabby hand, the paint bucket? This lady did.
Susan Kare User Interface Graphics
Make your own RPG games.
rpg2knet: news
Uh oh. Send in the clones...
Boston Globe Online / Nation | World / A try to clone human being is set to start
This is the weirdest flash game ever, very cool. You're a fly, buzzing and crawling around in this messy house and trying to get little blue power pill-type things. Cool music and artwork.
A fun little flash game, flash five really kicked the whole flash game into overdrive, didn't it? I like this one, it's simple but cool.

Monday, February 11, 2002

This one takes the cake for goofy religious fruitcake sites...this church (guy?) says eating is just a "bad habit" we pick up and you can live a healthy life on air alone.
This Is Not A Web Page.
Earlier this morning I posted a link to what I thought was the stupidest consumer item ever put up for sale on the net. I was wrong, the product in question would have to be the Cow Pie Clock.
Cow Pie Clock
Public service announcement: I'd just like to take this time to tell anyone out there reading this that I give the "Lay's Bistro Gourmet Sharp Cheddar and Jalapeno` Chips" a big, big thumbs up and recommend that you try a bag. I love these things, I ate an entire bag of them today :)
This has to be one of the freakiest consumer products I've ever seen.
The Catapult Watch!
A museum of net museums...pages that in galleries of off-the-wall items
{coudal partners inc}
Here's a pic of a tiny bull made by Japanese's all of ten micrometers in length, or roughly the size of a red blood cell. For more info on the bull and how it was made, click here.
Teeny, tiny, itty-bitty bull
I think I'm going to start posting more pictures on here...I've come across a lot of really funny/weird ones on the net, I wish I'd saved more of them now. I'm going to post one or two more on here then I think I'll chill out on it until tomorrow, at least, as I don't want the page to load up more slowly than it already does.
While I'm posting cute pictures, here's one of my alltime favorites:
Hell hath no fury like a wet kitten
Just thought this was kinda cute, so here it is, for your viewing pleasure:
Siberian Bunny

This is probably the coolest example I've seen of "money origami", the button down shirt.
The Shirt
Pedestrian Killer didn't do it? You still have faith in the decency of human beings as a species? Sigh...okay, go to antcity. I have to admit, it's terrible but I thought this was pretty
:::: antcity ::::
What, you say you still have faith in the decency of mankind? Better check out this game first...Pedestrian Killer.
Experiment #04
Taking the art of pandering to the public's lust for violence to whole new levels, it's the coin-operated electric chair, complete with writhing, smoking "victim".

Fun with unimaginably large numbers...what would a novemtrigintillion pennies look like? Go here to find out.
The MegaPenny Project | Index Page
Car Horn Organ: A Brief History
Odd sports-related flash games.
Not the most sensitive ad banner of all time...sheesh, what the hell were they thinking?

Sunday, February 10, 2002

A blog with many interesting links.
everlasting blort - what happened to wonders we once knew so well
Talk about off-duty cop visiting a local elementary class passes her glock around for the kids to inspect and then accidentally fires it, grazing a ten year old's cheek with shrapnel in the process...
Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/07/2002 | Officer's gun goes off during show-and-tell