Wednesday, January 02, 2002

i haven't checked this out fully yet, but it appears to be a Neopet type site, maybe a little spiffier, there is a download involved and it mentioned something about 3d rendered environments...Nt-man, ya may wanna pass this on to the sis, looks like her kinda place. That reminds me, I need to feed my Neopet, who, as I write this, is probably scraping the bottom of a dumpster in Neopet world for food or lighting a fire in a trash can to keep warm, assuming he's not too ignorant to light a fire, seeing as he'd been deprived of books, as well as most of the other basic necessities of Neo-life, for ages...think I'll swing by there later and chuck him an omelette or something.... Furcadia - Let your imagination soar!

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