Friday, February 15, 2002

If there's anything I hate more than psychics, it would have to be the nutcases at, I like animals and of course I'm against things like torturing kittens and things like that...but they take it WAY too far sometimes. Now they're telling us it's not only wrong to eat cows, but it's wrong to ridicule them as well. Apparently students at Florida Southern College had a fundraising event, a game of "cow bingo". The bingo game was played on a grid on Barnett Field. The squares were available to purchase and the winner was chosen by the square on which the cow deposited a cow patty. This, of course, sent PETA's loonies into spastic fits. I can't help but think that these fanatical goofballs could be expending all this time and energy to something useful, like caring for crack babies or feeding the hungry, instead of going ballistic and getting all bent out of shape over a cow's sensitive feelings.
PETA Still Critical of College's Use of a Cow

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