Saturday, March 30, 2002

Twister! Yikes! Glad I'm Alive!

A tornado ripped through my neighborhood last night, it didn't damage my place but got a lot of homes and buildings on either side of me.

My uncle's house - which is right up the road from me - was pretty much trashed...lot of other places around here too.

I got out and drove around a little and on the way to the store I saw a trailer that had it's top blown off and flung across the street. Trees were down all over the place.

My uncle's place was a wreck. Thankfully him and my aunt were okay, their place caught it pretty bad, though...big pieces of tin wrapped around trees, debri everywhere...limbs and boards, shingles and insulation blown all over the place...

The local news stations were out here and I saw a disaster relief truck. I also saw an ambulance while I was out as , but don't know if anyone was hurt or how bad.

It's doesn't look all that great outside now, really. Storms never really scared me that much but after seeing all that I have to admit I'm a little concerned.

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