Sunday, April 21, 2002

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Bill Gates

When you first check out Ajay Puri of India's website, it doesn't really impress you that much. His sense of design could use a little work (though perhaps the same could be said for yours truly) and it's a little...well...loud.

There's nothing terribly original or stylin' about it.

Of course, I think we can overlook a few flaws in this case...Bill Gates sure didn't have a problem with it, for one thing Ajay used a gratis copy of Frontpage 2000 to make it with (hey, no accounting for taste). For another, though, the kid's three years old. A friend of mine commented earlier that she doubted the kid made it himself, but I've heard child prodigy stories along these lines before and there are a lot of scans of newspaper articles about him on his site. I do suspect, though, that he may have padded his resume a bit - his "mastery" of Flash 5.0 for example - but let's not nitpick ;)

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