Thursday, June 20, 2002

The Cult of Hasslehoff

I was at B3TA awhile back and they had a link to some surprisingly gushing reviews of a David Hasslehoff cd on Amazon. Well, it seems the link inspired some of their readers to go there and post their own over-the-top reviews, some of which are really hilarious - shining accounts of the album that put Best of David Hasslehoff on a plane well above Sgt. Pepper and Bridge Over Troubled Water abound, along with praise of his acting ability and overall genius and charisma, which is compared favorably with that of God's on more than one occasion. Here's a typical example:

Reviewer: Victoria from Bristol, England
I'm writing through a veil of tears having listened to this CD, which I can only describe as a work of art. Tears of wonder at the feelings that the songs evoke in me. Tears of sadness as the beautiful words and melodies re-open every mental or emotional wound that I believed had healed. Lastly, tears of joy at finally finding what I have been searching for all my life. I feel that my life is complete now that I have David and his work in it........and I am at peace with the world.

By the way, I feel that Hot Shot City deserves a special mention.

I think I'm going to go back to Amazon right now and start a new John Tesh thread, this is just too funny :)

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