Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Judge Finds Federal Executions Unconstitutional

Looks like the death penalty could be on it's way out, if this holds up in appeal. I don't know how to feel about this, I realize here and there someone might be innocent and unjustly executed at some point, it seems inevitable. However, when some nut goes crazy and hacks a bunch of people to death, it's hard to justify housing and feeding him at a huge expense for years and years.

Manson, for instance - while he's incarcerated and his freedom has been taken away, he's lived all these many years and in fact, turns a profit off his crappy artwork. The Californian prison system isn't at liberty to disclose how much money inmates have in their prison bank accounts, but I have a sad feeling that he may make more money than many honest non-serial murdering folks on the outside. Meanwhile a bunch of innocent people are long dead, their families have to live with that fact and this clown just laughs at everyone from his cell. It's a pity California changed it's policy on capital punishment not long before he was tried.

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