Thursday, July 18, 2002

Man Claims He's Christ, Faces Death Penalty

A Pakistani man, Anwar Keneth, is facing the death penalty. Mr. Keneth claimed to be Christ and referred to Islam as a "fake religion". Here, of course - or in any other halfway reasonable country - Mr. Keneth would probably be carted off to a mental hospital. He'd be given a few pills, sat down in front of a television with some jigsaw puzzles or ashtray-making materials and that would be that. In ultra-oppressive Pakistan, however, he's charged with blasphemy and may well pay the ultimate price.

Here's a fun fact about their Islamic brand of "justice": all it takes, in a country that's almost 97% Muslim, is the word of one Muslim accuser to prosecute someone on blasphemy charges. It's a less forgiving system than that of the witch trials of Salem and just as backwards.

Blasphemy Results in Death Sentence (

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