Sunday, September 01, 2002

Dear God, Won't Someone Please Make This Person Go Away?

I don't get it, hasn't Puff Dumbass blown through his money by now? Shouldn't he have already gone the way of fellow hacks like Hammer and filed for bankruptcy or something? Instead, he continues to linger, wearing out his welcome like the party guest that refuses to leave - sitting on your couch, talking about himself and raiding your fridge long after everyone else has went home.

The Smoking Gun snagged one of the invites from his latest party and it's one of the most narcissistic, self-important things I've ever seen.

Dubbed - with typical Puff modesty - "The Greatest Party of All Time", the invitation included a list of guidelines for those planning to attend. Guys, leave those scuffed shoes at home and gals - no pedicure, no dice. Also, if you weren't wearing Gucci or one of the other designers on Puff's ultra-shallow list of faves, forget about it loser. Thankfully, for those not certain of the definition of "flyness", the host graciously recommended that you you "think of me", at the CDFA awards, for instance, as one of many examples.

Were there any justice in the world, an earthquake would have swallowed up this party and all who attended - sucking them deep into the bowels of the earth, where they'd never be heard from again.

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