Monday, October 28, 2002

Happy Halloween!

What with the trick-or-treat season upon us, I thought it might be nice to post a little spookiness in the way of Halloween-related websites. Since I have a little theme going here I'm doing this all in one post and will probably be adding to it in the next day or two, so if you were here recently, scroll down and there may be fresh sites added. By the way, the picture above is a thumbnail of some Halloween wallpaper I made in Photoshop awhile back. If you'd like to download it for your own desktop, click here for 800x600 version, here for the 1024x768 and here for 640x480 sized.

Bloody Finger Email

Send your friends a scary Flash e-greeting, written by a horrible, bloody finger.

Because Nothing is Scarier Than Clowns...

The Evil Clown Generator.

The Haunted Foyer

What's scarier? Jan's tour of the haunted house...or the midi music she liberally used on the page? You be the judge.

The Castle of Death

Real-life horror - the story of America's first recognized serial killer, H.H. Holmes and the house of murder he built in 19th century Chicago, where the depraved druggist practiced his horrific trade.

A Ben and Jerry's Halloween

Ah...I love a good bowl of Ben and Jerry's. The ice-cream making duo have loaded their website with Halloween-themed wallpaper, games and other goodies in honor of the season.

Scary Sounds

A big collection of spooky wavs - doors creaking, screams, sounds from horror movies and more.

Scary Movies

What would Halloween be without a good scary movie? There are TONS of sites on this topic, here are a few nice ones:

Upcoming Horror Movies is devoted to keeping you up-to-date on the latest fright flicks, with news, articles and trailers.

The simply named Horror Movies site is full of news, rumors and information for the movie-making insider as well as the fans, with message boards and other points of interest regarding the industry.

Horror Movies That Suck - for those who'd prefer something a little cheesier, with reviews of classics like Bride of Chucky and the forgettable Dracula 2000.

Pumpkin Carving

The how-to's of the art of making Jack-O-Lanterns, with instructions, tips and links for supplies and related sites.

Dracula Tour

For the really die-hard fright-fans among you, why not the ultimate Halloween vacation? A full-tilt week-long tour of Transylvania - complete with the focus on the real-life Count Dracula - you'll see his birthplace, his grave and get to inspect every nook and cranny of the Count's castle, made famous by the Bram Stoker novel, Dracula. With a masquerade ball, four-star treatment and a full-to-bursting itinerary of things to see as you trek across Vlad the Impaler's former haunts, this could be the best trip a horror fan ever takes.

Trick or Treat!

A short, funny little Flash 'toon about some trick-or-treaters getting the (ahem) crap scared out of them.

Well, that's all for now - if you find yourself in need of anything else - costume ideas, more Halloween websites, whatever - just go to Halloween Magazine for tons of stuff. History, links, costume ideas, recipes, etc. Don't pig out on too much candy, okay?

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