Monday, December 09, 2002


A Little Holiday Cheer

     Here's a few obligatory seasonal posts. First off, I made a couple desktop designs in the spirit of the season, pictured above. If you'd like to use them, just click here for the one on the left and here for the one on the right. They're both 800x600 but I may put up other resolutions in a day or two, so if you're on a different resolution just mail me and I'll try and resize them for you if you can't do it yourself.
     In case you were wondering, NORAD is tracking Santa, so if you and the kids want to be posted on his whereabouts, click here. Who is St. Nicholas, anyway and are he and Santa the same? Discovering the truth about Santa Claus.
     Well, there are still seventeen days till Christmas, so maybe that'll hold you over for right now, I'll be sure to post some more yuletide stuff as the days go by.

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