Saturday, February 01, 2003

A Letter from the Editor

Re: The proposed "new look" of The Ends of the Earth, mentioned in a previous post.

     Well, I really did intend to put up a new template, in fact, I worked on the thing, off and on for probably six or seven hours over the past few days. However, when it came time to put it into action, I looked at it, looked at the template I have now and just really liked this one better, so why fix what ain't broke, huh? I'm sure at some point I will be changing the look of my page, but until I come up with something that's markedly better, I'm just going to hang with the current look and perhaps give it a few tweaks here and there. In better news, I've fixed the archives, so there's no longer a Santa Claus on the older pages, nor that gimmicky snow-flake effect, which I only meant to leave up here for a week or so, back during the holidays. Also, having gotten all that crap out of the way, as well as some pressing personal problems I won't go into here, I'm now free to return you to you regularly-scheduled diet of neato links and semi-lucid rants. That is all, thank you for reading.

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