Friday, November 16, 2001

Kick back with some herbal tea or your favorite psychoactive drug and check out Levitated Tile...a very nicely done site with interactive shockwave art with a mathematical bent to it. Way cool. -Link-

Okay, let me think here, what can I rant about this morning? Oh yeah, Phil wasn't able to get his Xbox today, much to his chagrin and mine...I knew this was going to be the case when I woke up and saw the news this morning. Phil was planning on going after his Xbox during lunch at twelve this afternoon. Well, when I saw the news this morning there were hordes of people who'd been camped out all night at Best Buy in Huntsville waiting to fight over only eighty or so units, I knew he'd been had. Why do they do that anyways? Why the hell not make enough of 'em to go around, is it just to increase demand? I haven't been to Ebay yet but I have a feeling they're on sale there for like, five hundred bucks. How depressing....

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