Friday, November 16, 2001

Well, yesterday's updates were kind of sparse, so I'm going to go ahead and try and post a couple things while I have the chance today...I'm sitting here waiting on Phil (who'd best hurry before I go and drink all our beers...hehe) and listenin' to a little Jethro Tull (Skating Away (On the Thin Ice of a New Day, if you're curious). I suppose we're going to shoot a little pool later. I played a bit last week and it's amazing how your game goes to hell if you don't play for awhile, it's a helluva lot different than playing Virtual Pool 3, nice a game as that is. Speaking of Virtual Pool 3, if anyone reading this has one and gets mad that they can't use the aiming lines in tournament play, you can download a trainer program here that'll let you cheat and use the lines against computer opponents, be forewarned though, it WILL ruin the game, as it makes it pretty darned easy to work your way to the end of the game and beat Jeannette.

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