Sunday, November 25, 2001

Last year, Lathan Quincy McDonald Sr., 22, of Minneapolis, was sentenced to nearly eleven years in prison for severely burning his infant daughter with a hair dryer, causing permanent scars on her face and neck. A brilliant judge stayed his sentence, however, so he only did four months. Hey, it's not like he did anything that bad, he just permanently scarred his toddler in an unthinkable act of torture, right? Forgive and forget, sayeth the judge.
So what do you think happens? On Nov. 20th, he was arrested for beating his seven-month-old son to death. You know, it costs something like 50k a year to house and take care of prisoners, more money than your average joe on the street even makes in that amount of time and in some cases you have to wonder, or i do, at least, if people like this are worth the money and effort to keep alive. Why the hell bother, with the extra money we'd save keeping this waste of oxygen who "has a history of controlling his anger" (as they say in lawyer-speak) alive and well, we could defray a lot of the costs this war on terrorism is racking up. -Link-

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