Sunday, November 25, 2001

Well, let's see what kind of bloggage we have today...

Some idiot discharged a rifle by accident in an airport...way to go, McFly:

DALLAS (Reuters) - A passenger accidentally fired a hunting rifle at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on Friday but no one was hurt, an airport spokeswoman said.

The incident occurred as the passenger was complying with a request by airline employees to demonstrate the rifle was unloaded in accordance with regulations, spokeswoman Tina Sharp said.

``There was an accidental discharge but nobody was injured and airport operations were not affected,'' she said.

The shot damaged a window and momentarily caused panic among other passengers near the Delta Air Lines check-in counter. The passenger, whose name was not released, was not charged and was allowed to board his flight, Sharp said.

What the hell is it about the sport of soccer that causes people to go utterly insane and riot all the time? What gives? Of course, if I sat through an entire soccer game and it turned out to be a tie or i just saw one goal, I guess I'd be pretty pissed too. SOCCER IS NOT A SPORT! -Link-

Woman who survived the WTC disaster, only to be killed on the flight that went down in a NY neighborhood two months later -Link-

Some nutcase set himself on fire at a mall. -Link-

Handy little tool for webmasters, a browser emulator :) -Link-

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