Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Oh yeah, almost forgot...we're at war. Just because "Greg and Dharma" and the like are back on the tube every night and the state of general panic has died down since September eleventh doesn't mean we shouldn't take these warnings the govt. has been giving to heart. I really hope it doesn't come down to something like this: reports are circulating that Bin Laden may have the means to produce a "dirty bomb", which is basically highly radioactive material, say, for instance, spent reactor fuel rods, wrapped around readily available conventional explosives, the idea being to simply irradiate a large area, perhaps several city blocks, in a way that would leave the terrain surrounding the blast radius virtually uninhabitable for many, many years to come. As bad as a conventional nuke? Probably not, but still, very, very, VERY bad and they don't need a huge team of eggheads or high-grade plutonium or uranium - scarce commodities - to make one. Report: Bin Laden May Be Close to Nuclear Weapon

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