Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Well, a very good friend of mine died night before last, around 10:30 at night. Her name was Barbara Peppers, she was a very, very sweet woman who died long before her time, of cancer. I saw her that night, she was comatose, far as anyone could tell, she passed away in her home, a couple of miles down the road. I wish now I'd stayed a little longer, said a few more things, perhaps. I don't know if she heard the things I did say, but I hope so. It's a sad thing when someone dies, especially someone you love. She was like family to me and the only solace I find in her death is that her long struggle is over and I know she's finally at peace now. The funeral is tomorrow at one and I was planning on going back to the funeral home earlier than that but I can't sleep because I slept so late yesterday...so instead of rolling around on the bed trying to get comfortable and making myself fall asleep, which I couldn't seem to do, I decided I may as well get up and write a little or post something, maybe that'll help.

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