Monday, February 25, 2002

Online Gadgetry: SeeStorm Messenger

Say you like the idea of video conferencing, but you're too shy to let everyone stare at your face?

Well, the folks at SeeStorm may have just what you need. Their new instant messenger uses 3d avatars in lieu of a cam feed - you provide the voice, they provide the face(s).

SeeStorm works pretty much like any other messenger, with a buddy list and an online directory, as well as a simple text chat. The main difference is the avatars, which mouth along with you as you talk to your online chat partners.

Avatars include George Bush, Vladmir Putin, Santa Claus and (if you're willing to shell out the fourteen bucks) a custom 3d avatar of your own face, made from photos you send in to the company.

SeeStorm Inc Home

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