Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Political Correctness Sucks...Won't Someone Please Think of the Children?

This is yet another classic example of how insane things are getting in our society in regards to reactionary knee-jerk reactions to the problem of violence - a school puts a ban on the game of "cops and robbers".

I played cops and robbers, a lot of people did. Nice, upstanding people who never went on to murder anyone or go on serial-murdering sprees. It's true that I'm no pschologist but I'm pretty sure that if your kid grows up and goes postal on someone or becomes a hardened felon, "cops and robbers" isn't going to be the cause.

More likely you're a bad parent, he's on crack, the kid's just a psycho or he went to a crummy school where the staff is worrying over idiotic things like this instead of raising test scores.

Contra Costa Times | 03/17/2002 | School bans playing cops and robbers

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