Sunday, April 28, 2002

Countdown To Spiderman: The Movie

Well, later this week the Spiderman movie will be hitting theaters and I gotta tellya - I'm jazzed, folks. So far, so good, the couple trailers I've seen looked pretty good, Harry at aintitcoolnews all but peed himself he was so happy, after seeing a screening of it...things look like they're going to be okay, which is rare for a movie adapted from a comic book. I'm sure I'll have some minor nitpicking issues with it...I read the comic as a kid and had a huge stack of Spidey's various titles, moreso than any of the other comic heroes' books I collected. This is the big one. So, in honor of everyone's favorite wallcrawler, I'm going to post several links to spiderman-related things I've found.

First up, here's some pics of a cool old Spiderman pinball machine produced by Gottleib I'd really like to have.

King Features produces a daily Spiderman comic strip for newspapers across the country, as well as the web. Written by Stan Lee, Spidey's creator.

As far as the movie goes, you can get more info than you probably need at the official movie site, a prettied-up flash extravaganza that features interviews with the cast, wallpaper and even articles on the "spider-wrangler" who worked with the real arachnids used in the flick.

You can read the newly rehashed spiderman origin in Marvel's "webisodes" form, a sort of Flash comic book, at

Someone has even been working on a total conversion mod for Quake 3 with a Spidey theme.

There are lots of vintage Spiderman toys for the collector-types, a list of essential reading from, and anything else you might want can probably be found here.

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