Thursday, September 12, 2002

Customs Lets 15 Pounds of Depleted Uranium, Sent from Turkey, No Less, Sail Right Into New York

This is just too scary - I'm watching an ABC news show earlier tonight and well, you hear a lot of talk about how tight security is these days, which makes this that much harder to swallow. ABC reporters took fifteen pounds of depleted uranium, shielded in a container resembling a pipe-bomb and packed in a crate, then shipped it from Turkey to New York. This crate and it's ultra-suspcious-looking and mildly radioactive cargo - exactly the kind of thing that should have raised eyebrows - passed right through customs without anyone batting an eye, however. In fact, throughout it's journey, nobody even so much as opened it to have a peek inside or got close enough with a geiger counter to find there was cause for alarm. In short, had it been actual fissionable uranium and the person recieving it had not been a reporter, we'd have had a terrorist happily strolling the streets of NY, carrying an ominous, hardshell suitcase with a small nuke inside.

The uranium - although depleted, shielded and more or less innocuous - was giving off the same signature geiger reaction that would have alerted officials to the possibility of there being a bomb inside, had anyone at the port authority or customs bothered to take a closer look at it - which they damn well should have, considering Turkey is right at the top of the list of places nuclear material would be smuggled from by terrorist attackers. Sleep tight, kids.

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