Saturday, September 21, 2002

This One's Not Gonna Mean Much to Anyone but Steely Dan Fans...However...

If you, like me, are a freak about "The Dan", go check out The Steely Dan Dictionary, it'll clear up a lot of questions you may have regarding some of the more arcane lyrical references on their albums. Tell 'em Jimmy sent ya.

It's the little things like this I love about the net....the fact that you can just type "Steely Dan Lyrics and their Meanings" into Google and BLAM! - you find yourself looking at a page like this, where a like-minded person has actually gone to the trouble to archive things of this nature - be it obscure Steely references or minutiae about Green Acres, the codes you need to activate your televisions remote control, pretty much anything. Gotta love it - I'm just waiting for that wonderful day when I can have some kind of cable jacked directly into the back of my head so I'm on it 24/7 and can escape reality altogether...ahhh :)

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