Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Let's Go to the Movies

Or at least post a few sites regarding them, since I can't think of anything better to do. I downloaded a few songs off a movie soundtrack the other day (I'll leave you and the RIAA to speculate over which one) and coincidentally come across this site, Score Baby! shortly thereafter. It's a celebration of movie scores from the 60s, 70s and beyond, with special attention given to the "groovy" stuff. Lots of sound bytes, reviews and a movie score radio station, via Live365.

Speaking of scores, Ray Coniff, who copped a Grammy for the Dr. Zhivago theme Somewhere My Love died recently. He was 85 years old.

More stuff for the film score fan can be found at Film Score Monthly and if you'd just like some movie sounds to add to your windows theme or playlist, where else but The Movie Sounds Page, with tons of .wav file snippets of dialogue and sounds.

Perhaps you're not in a listening mood and you'd rather nitpick and criticize - if that's the case, head on over to Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics, where you can ponder things such as why, exactly, whenever a car in a movie so much as goes into a ditch, it's immediately engulfed in flame and/or explodes.

I failed to mention it and probably anyone who cares knows, but the trailer for the next installment of The Lord of the Rings is online. I also heard of a couple off-the-wall movie projects that are in the works - believe it or not, they're going to make movies out of the television shows Bewitched (with Nicole Kidman possibly playing the role of Samantha) and Dallas. I think the Globe and Mail news service summed that one up nicely with their headline, "Good God, here comes Dallas: The Movie". My sentiments, exactly. It's beginning to look like they'll make a movie out of anything at this point - I swear, when they start production of Mr. Belvedere: The Movie, I'm going to boycott cinema altogether.

Wow, when I began this post twenty minutes ago I wasn't really taking into account just how many sites there are out there devoted to movies and how many quality ones, at that - what the heck though, I'm just gonna keep on tossing them out there until I get sleepy, I suppose. For those of you in a reading mood, you can check out Drew's Script-O-Rama - with links to movie scripts and other random cinematic stuff. Pete's Movie Page and Movie Ring has tons of links to trailers, etc. Then of course we have the old standbys: The Internet Movie Database, Ain't it Cool News (where I stole many of the preceding links), Roger Ebert's column and his shared page, Ebert and Roeper....did I mention there were a lot of movie-oriented sites out there?

Here's one for the Drive-in fans, titled, simply enough, Drive-in Theater, which discusses their history, famous Route 66 drive-ins, concession stands and everything else related to the silver screen of the outdoors - old movie ads and even a screensaver featuring intermission characters like the dancing hotdogs. Drive-in Movies is another site devoted to the medium, where you can reminisce about summer nights and creature-features with other site visitors and search for drive-ins in your area and check up on their history. Beware the sappy midi, don't say I didn't warn you.

Finally, for the do-it-yourself types, why not just make your own movie?

Okay movie buffs, I've run out of steam, in the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that." Tune in later when I'll possibly be able to think of something more earth-shattering to post about.

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