Sunday, October 06, 2002


Well, I'm looking at my blog tonight and I'm noticing how downhill it's gone. I have to fix my template, as the Yaccs comments code needs updating, I somehow lost my Blog Hot or Not link (thankfully, probably, as I'm sure it's slipped too) and there've been a woeful lack of posts.

What can I say? Got a little lazy with my blogging,'ll be getting chilly soon, though and more than likely I'll be spending way more time here at home on my computer. I sure do dread fixing this template, though. The code for my page, what with all the little comments things and this and that, has grown a mile long and it's hell just picking out a particular javascript so I can fix it at this point, so I've been putting it off as long as possible, but I'll fix it all at the first opportunity. In fact, I recently installed some graphics programs so I may just knock out a whole new template - you never can tell.

Also, not surprisingly, I haven't been getting many now, in a pathetic attempt to recieve more traffic, I'm posting Google Zeitgeist's top ten gaining search requests:

Top 10 Gaining Queries

Week Ending Sept. 30, 2002
1. ryder cup
2. oxana fedorova
3. kristy swanson
4. enron auction
5. mandrake
6. berlin marathon
7. ivory coast
8. jennifer love hewitt
9. isidore
10. christopher hitchens

Who/what the heck is isidore? Well, I'd better go find something to post, post-haste, before everyone abandons this sinking ship.

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