Tuesday, February 11, 2003

The Doors of the 21st Century...

     Well, from the sound of this merciless review, The Doors reunion sounds like a horrible spectacle. With only two members of the original group performing, Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarak, and backed by drummers which seem to be changing from day to day (John Densmore, who's suffering from tinnitus, has been kicked to the curb and is suing) and the former front-man for The Cult in the lead-singer position, it sounds pretty scary.
     Dancing shamans and pictures of Nixon are part of the show and I think that we should all be very, very grateful to Jim Morrison for making the responsible and savvy decision to die young, while he was still cool, in that grandest of rock star traditions.
     Thanks to his sacrifice, we've mercifully been spared the vision of a fat and balding Lizard King in too-tight leather pants, dancing around and singing Love Me Two Times behind a giant Pespi-Cola billboard. For that, we are all eternally in his debt.

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