Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Well, I'm seriously thinking about lying down and getting some sleep. My friend needs a ride to get his check in the morning and oddly, I'm kinda sleepy anyways. God knows why, I slept all day. Oh well...I guess I can still post a couple funny things on here just to keep up my little streak, I've yet to miss a day and I hate to start now.

Mick Jagger's album sold only 9 hundred something copies on it's release date. As my friend Bill put it, he and I could release and album and sell that many copies, worldwide, likely. Too bad. It's not that bad an album, it's certainly a hella lot cooler than some other big-selling artists I could name (J-Lo) -Link-

Here's a good one:

Coat Hanger in Throat Gets Man in Trouble
WICHITA, Kan. (Reuters) - A Kansas man who got a coat hanger stuck in his throat while trying to dislodge a balloon of cocaine he had swallowed faced possible criminal charges after doctors trying to remove the hanger discovered the drugs, police said Tuesday. -Link-

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