Friday, November 23, 2001

Well, it's late, I was going to post a lot of other stuff but I think I'm going to save it for tomorrow night. I'm gonna do some more revamping of the blog (note: if anyone's been watching, I changed the template today and tomorrow I think I'm going to start adding a few pictures here and there to spruce it up a little, where necessary.

As for posts, before I go to bed I'd like to once again sing the praises of Yesterdayland, where else can you see Quicktime clips of Quentin Tarantino extolling the virtues of Evil Knievel toys and Bill and Ted's Excellent Cereal? -Link-

Tomorrow I'm going to try and post a decent profile at Yesterdayland, if I can find an old picture of myself when I was seven or so, in keeping with the majority of the member profiles. It's a great little haven if you want to get away from reality awhile and relive old memories. I have a few questions about the "Honeycomb Kids" I'd like to ask, like, for example, were those kids on dope or what? Anyone out there remember "The Honeycomb Hideout"? There was no mention of it on Yesterdayland that I could find. It just so happens I was eating some awhile ago, for the first time in years. The verdict? A lousy cereal, really, though for some reason I thought it was good back then.

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