Monday, November 19, 2001

Why in the hell is it that only 10% of all carry-on baggage (according to a report on ABC news I just overheard on the tube) is examined in airports as we speak? What the hell? After everything we've been through? Congress is apparently pushing forward with a move that'll change that (within two months) but I find it really outrageous to hear, I would have thought that they were shining flashlights up people's asses at this point after the nightmare that befell our country on Sept. 11. Like everyone else, I always felt pretty secure, maybe (make that definitely) I watch too much television, but I always slept well at night thinking that our nation was protected around the clock by govt. super-spies with James Bond tech we couldn't even imagine, keeping vigil over our borders and watching all the world's terrorist-types with satellite cameras so powerful they could count the flakes of dandruff on Yassar Arafat's head. I must say, I'm dissapointed that the current situation wasn't immediately resolved with the deployment of genetically advanced, Pretender style agents with ballpoint pen lasers and kung fu skills, but the fact that they're not even checking 90% of the carry-on luggage in our airports, after the fact, truly, truly bothers me. I hope we're not asleep at the wheel again. 60 Minutes this Saturday carried a story on how incredibly easy it was for a middle-easterner (or anyone else, for that matter) to slip across our southern border through the existing border-jumping networks and things like that make me wonder. Again, they promise to beef up the border patrols, but how long is it going to take and has the damage already been done? I think I have a Michelob in the fridge, I believe I'll drink it now.

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