Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Save Sheeba!

Well...looks like people have gotten wind of the fact that was actually a moneymaker. The site, run by a self-described "basket-case" who has very bad spending habits, basically asks you to donate money - getting nothing in return - to help her pay off her credit card debts. Unbelievably, she's raked in enough dough so far to account for half of her original $20,221.40 - all without even getting naked, or even showing her face, for that matter.

Incidentally, here's what she looks like. I'm surprised she didn't go ahead and put her picture on, she's kind of cute and probably would have racked up the full 20 grand by now had she posted it initially...never underestimate the abundance of lonesome dorks willing to throw money at girls on the internet.

At any rate, now that the word's out on Karyn's success, you may as well brace yourself for what I'm sure are to be endless parodies and copycats - errrr...copydogs, rather.

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