Wednesday, August 28, 2002

What's Scarier: Poe, Master of the Macabre or Wacko Jacko? How About the Two Combined? Egad!

This is coming from The Star magazine, U.S. supermarket tabloid extraordinaire and the story is so utterly ridiculous as to be impossible, but I'm posting it anyways 'cause it's the funniest. According to The Star's crack reporters, none other than Marlon Brando is coaching Michael Jackson for an upcoming role in which he'll be playing the horror story master, Edgar Allen Poe.

I guess it's not that far fetched. I mean, look at the startling similiarities looks-wise, in the pictures above. They could be twins. And with that ultra-spooky homage to plastic surgery gone horribly wrong that he calls a face, Jackson is sure to bring chills galore to the audience.

Oh God, please let this be true - I smell a cult classic.

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