Monday, December 02, 2002

Don't Refresh That Webpage! You're Liable to Miss Them Filing for Divorce

     Ah...Las Vegas. Just when you think it's as gaudy and tacky as humanly possible, they raise the bar another inch. Now, not only can you have a quickie Vegas wedding, but you can do it on webcam, so the entire internet can watch you make what could possibly be the stupidest, most impulsive mistake you've ever made while you were drinking. I webcam viewers qualify as witnesses? If so that would cut out some of the overhead at these chapels and they could afford an even better class of Elvis impersonator to marry these folks, really make it something they'll treasure a lifetime, you know?
     Suppose anyone will ever get married via webcam? I imagine it's only a matter of time and if they do, it's a sure bet at least one of them will be from Las Vegas.

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